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  • din_writes 14w

    Dear Anonymous

    You're my inspiration
    You're my muse
    The rhymes to my poem
    The lyrics to my song
    The rhythm of my heart
    The melody of my soul
    A happy song when I'm sad
    A love song when I feel mad
    You're my soothing balm
    Always holding my palm
    And gave this broken soul
    A reason to be finally in solace!

  • din_writes 42w


    First you start ignoring people around you,
    Then it came to a point you start ignoring yourself too.

  • din_writes 74w


    You are a definition of beauty,
    You are worthy
    Your imperfections
    Your flaws
    Your scars
    Your weakness
    Your uniqueness,
    Is what makes you beautiful
    Isn't all about being perfect
    Having the perfect body,
    Having a certain shape
    Living a certain lifestyle
    Trying to fit in society
    Trying to impress everybody
    To make them admire you,
    It's all about being happy
    With being yourself
    The way you are
    It's not about being what 'They'
    Want you to become,
    It's all about being 'You'
    Cause you are a gem
    Not a thing to be condemn.

  • din_writes 77w

    Best Friend ❣️

    Let me tell you a story
    About a beautiful soul,
    She's the type of person
    Everyone wants to be friends with,
    A jolly person
    Full of life
    She's the kind of social butterfly
    Full of charisma,
    Always an open-hearted
    Always excited to meet new souls,
    A smile she always wear
    No wonder what obstacles she faces,
    In time of hardness & sadness
    She'll be your healing balm
    To soothe all your pain
    I'm glad to call her my best friend,
    I'm blessed with the best.

  • din_writes 77w

    Our Story

    It has been 8 years
    & I still remember how we first met,
    You're the one
    who started the conversation,
    You're the sly one
    & I'm the shy one
    That smile you always wear
    While greetings with strangers
    & me being an introvert
    I just responded to your kindness
    With a little shyness,
    Then at high school
    We went to the same school,&
    we became friends
    But not so sticky,
    & Not so slicky.
    We act more as those fighter's
    Rather as sisters
    In those hard times
    You were a friend indeed
    When I was in need
    Thanks for being the best
    Inspite of the rest.

  • din_writes 85w


    A season
    For a reason
    It's not about mistletoe & bright lights
    It's all about a Saviour who brought us light,

    It's not all about Christmas tree
    It should be all about Christ,
    Not about Santa Clause
    But Christ is the Cause.

    Christmas For you and me
    A Saviour of the world
    Your spirit to redeem
    Grab this message of love
    Written on a day.

    Sent from Heaven above
    Your most awaited break,
    Could be on this day
    Help yourself to hear
    Your lame legs to walk again,

    Look and feel
    Christmas Is more than lights on the tree,
    It's all about a Saviour who made us all free.

  • din_writes 86w

    Blessed Birthday

    I'm just so grateful
    So thankful,
    Sharing this date
    Celebrating my day,
    With You Dad,
    Thanks for these 22 years
    These two decades:
    For carry
    With weary,
    All our problems
    Still you never complaint,
    You brought me up
    Everytime I fall,
    Thanks for this wonderful life
    Thanks for your unconditional love.

  • din_writes 86w


    My greatest gift from God
    A blessing so worth,
    My superhero, my mentor
    My protector, my everything,
    A gentle soul
    With a kind heart,
    A smile you'll always wear
    No matter how tired you were,
    Inspite of the hard work
    You make us feel worth,
    You'll move mountains
    Just to make us happy.

  • din_writes 86w


    An extrovert they say
    A happy soul they saw,
    So lively
    So jolly,
    Behind that smile she wears
    Lies an aching heart,
    Behind that flawless facade
    Lies a private despair.

  • din_writes 101w

    Our Story

    We had walk by this lane
    Almost 10 years
    And this is our story;
    You may seem like an introvert
    But you're quite an open person
    A person full of jolly
    Full of life,
    The most honest one
    The best listener,
    And I'm the extrovert
    But quite the secretive one
    Who build a wall of barrier,
    I may seem happy
    But quite a mess,
    A puzzle needed be solve
    But you broke the barrier
    And you solve the problems,
    And thanks for being the best
    Inspite of the rest.