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  • dingthoichiru 2w

    Flavor of the season

    Winter carrying all the sweetness n sour .
    The day just flip making the may day each day ..
    The sourness suddenly drive in bringing all the worst vibes.
    The season of getting together n cheering just fades up. When the bitterness take places a havoc ...
    The dawn even makes the twilight zone go ..into a zone of wonder of lights n clouds.

  • dingthoichiru 5w

    Does light shine through ?

    The beautiful sun shines .
    As it shines it brings happiness and joy with it .
    I feel cheerful to sit under the sun.
    But when evening dawn,
    The darkness takes place as it have brought
    Havoc in my happiness.
    Then everything stops like a frozen Ice.
    The sadness in me come up Ike a lightning in the sky.
    I keep thinking why the lightning takes place ?
    Then it strikes and then rain falls .
    The rain takes away all my sadness and worries with rain drops.
    And all that remains is a complete nothingness.
    Numbing the light of the dark.........

  • dingthoichiru 7w


    People tend to shove themselves ,when you need them the most .
    The silent treatment makes it hard .
    In the end the flare vanishes leaving you with scars.
    Devoid of words ,we distance each other thinking we are not worth it .
    It teaches you to let go of things which was not meant to be.
    Distancing people for their own good hurts ourselves in return.
    Texts get shorter n silence takes places .

  • dingthoichiru 8w


    Yes I am girl .
    Yes I wear short dresses .
    Yes I drink alcohol .
    Yes I have guys friends .
    Yes I have an attitude to reply back.
    Does this define my character ?
    Why does the society set an ethos of character less on us ?
    Why when we speak up for what is right
    Our voice is suppressed .??

  • dingthoichiru 9w


    The tears drop n change into stardust .
    Which never lied ,everytime it drop .
    All the love n anger turned into tears .
    Tears became precious without one knowing that .

  • dingthoichiru 9w


    We say we have attained independence on 15 August. But deep inside we all know that in one way or the other we have not yet been independent . The society doesn't let us to be independent how we want to be!.For girls it's like you have different set of norms and rules .but where as in case of Boy's its not.

    People show patriotism only for the name shake ..some post about being patriotism in social media but the same person can't even stand for the National Anthem ..then it's a Shame ..These days people do things only for show off..When you are being discriminated by the people of your own county there is no patriotism for your own people then are we even an human !?.

  • dingthoichiru 10w


    Lost in the midst of barbarians.
    Wanna get out in an avenue n walk down.
    Like a free soul.

  • dingthoichiru 11w


    Everyone say I am change .!!
    Yes I am change ...
    That too Mentally ...!!
    AM mature n don't need to prove it .

  • dingthoichiru 11w


    Suddenly I felt nothing .I didn't hate you .
    So I stop being relied to you .
    And no more to be played by .
    So I walked away . Like nothing happened.
    I knew I didn't love you anymore .

  • dingthoichiru 12w


    Ride in mid-night ,to the beach .
    The sea is calm tonight.
    The sea meets the moon -blanch'd land.
    Sitting together beside the shore, staring at the stars and moon .
    With hands in hand , cuddling up by the sea shore.
    Puffing cigarettes and sipping wine .
    Whispering the sweet solitude with each other.
    Under the beautiful starry sky.