A vagabond amid the brook...a vagrant soul...a human so humane...bibliophilic...anthrophobic entity...give it a try...come..explore..

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  • dipanjan_b 4w

    You know there is a tiny heart,
    A little one indeed.
    It keeps on pumping life line flows,
    Into the cells that need.

    It keeps the brain still dipped in blood,
    Lets it breathe its thoughts.
    The mind has grooves to store its vibes,
    And plant on barren plots.

    Thoughts are filled with cloudy mists,
    They float in scattered chains.
    They can sense the world around,
    Amid the sun and rains.

    The subtle mind in mundane blinks,
    Meets a hundred faces.
    One by one the names do fall,
    In their respective places.

    One among the thousand smiles,
    Paints the best of arts.
    It grabs the zone of deepest feels,
    Inside the human heart.

    You may call it a tale of love,
    Or the game of feels.
    The priority list with varied names,
    Travel on elusive wheels.

    The one who tops the list of names,
    The one with a profound smile.
    Is the one who holds the heart,
    And rules throughout the mile.

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    The Priority List


  • dipanjan_b 5w

    Behold the gracious peaks on earth,
    They stand in pride and pain.
    Bearing torment, blood and tears,
    They crave for peaceful rains.

    Hatred, agony, trivial wars,
    Your land my land game.
    Drops of blood still paint the white,
    Worthy be their name.

    Years of shackles and years of dread,
    Left those deep footmarks.
    Mother soil must live in peace,
    Amid the howls and barks.

    Brave hearts sing those tunes of joy,
    Frozen on mountain peaks.
    No sign of tender touch they have,
    For a hundred days and weeks.

    Old and helpless parents, with hope
    Stare without a blink.
    The empty streets with barren thoughts,
    Gave no clues to think.

    The young girl with a million dreams,
    Gazes into the lane.
    Her love of life must hold her true,
    Out of thoughts insane.

    Valiant souls on frozen lands,
    Break these bonds of love.
    They bleed to save the worthy lands,
    For them, the nation is all above.

    Freedom from ruthless acts of crime,
    And days to live in pride.
    This is what they gift us true,
    Respect wrapped inside.

    Let the flag of victory rise,
    And kiss the mazarine sky.
    Let our souls do swear again,
    Our land must be held high.

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    Ode To Independence


  • dipanjan_b 5w

    The times when evil grabs the world,
    Vishnu takes a birth.
    The sinful grins and treacherous souls,
    Must now leave the earth.

    Vishnu in his differing forms,
    Holds on to this land.
    His footprints in those distinct frames,
    Adorn the mortal sand.

    His divine grace and blissful smile,
    Embellishes our souls.
    Krishna among those distinct names,
    Marked our human goals.

    This is the day we rejoice love,
    Love for the Lord of Lords.
    His noble birth and divine deeds,
    Are beyond my mortal words.

    We hold thy hand to live in peace,
    You live inside the heart.
    Krishna you are our mate, our Lord,
    The most eternal part.

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  • dipanjan_b 5w

    And there in that holy land,
    The glittering beam of light.
    Illumed lives of mortal men,
    Removing shades of night.

    Born to parents with royal soul,
    He was the king of kings.
    But his choices walked aloof,
    He had his pair of wings.

    The king of Mathura, evil's grace,
    Feared those innocent eyes.
    Being an uncle, planned a plot,
    To make him pay a price.

    He kept on sending devil beings,
    To kill him in all means.
    Each a time, little Krishna
    Smiled through the greens.

    Kansa was now sick of trials,
    His fear had grown inside.
    The one who came to end all sins,
    Will kill him through all sides.

    Krishna, whom we know so well,
    The charming prince on earth.
    Sprinkled showers of bliss and peace,
    Right from the hour of birth.

    Each a girl in Mathura town,
    Craved to have his smile.
    They cherished his name through the lanes,
    Through each barren mile.

    The Lord of Lords, the supreme soul,
    Krishna be the name.
    Through mortal world his name prevails,
    The source of immortal flame.

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    Janmashtami Vibes


  • dipanjan_b 6w

    Have we ever thought, have we ever felt?
    Why do a sister fast, and tie us the tiny belt.
    Hahaha, a thread at least we call,
    A sacred thread for all.
    Do you know the price, how much does it cost?
    Mmm, ten or twenty bucks, well a hundred you may say,
    But the real price of it, will not be felt in a day.
    The trust, the faith, the hope behind her breath,
    Her innocent eyes will never crave for wealth.
    You know what she wants, what desire she feels?
    Gifts? Money? O wait, may be those wealthy wheels.
    No my dear friend, this is never true.
    A sister wants your time, simply beneath the blue.
    She wants you to protect her soul,
    To preserve her dignified goal.
    To help her kiss the sky,
    To let her wings to fly,
    Fly in fearless flaps,
    Amid the crowded claps.
    I know you too feel proud,
    If she wins the crowd.
    Because she is your sis,
    Your own blood, you wish
    To make her smile,
    To support her through the mile.
    But what if another lass,
    Through those fields of grass,
    Walks alone at night,
    When there is no light.
    You feel those lusty flows,
    The devil in you, it grows,
    You want to devour her flesh,
    Trapping her in thy mesh.
    But you have never thought,
    Your eyes have never caught
    She too has a heart,
    You break her into parts,
    Ignorant of her pain,
    You drag her in that rain.
    She cries with all her voice,
    Do you know, it was never her choice.
    She too had a dream,
    And you had choked her scream.
    She too had tied a thread,
    Her hungry mother waits for bread.
    She is sick, she starvs each day,
    But you have made her prey.
    Behind that fuming rock,
    And now she cannot walk.
    What if your sister face,
    A similar act of grace.
    Will you live in peace,
    Will you cherish bliss.
    Think for a little while,
    She too had a smile.
    She too have a bro,
    No more can he grow.
    He is sick and cannot speak,
    He is too fragile and weak.
    But you are strong and stout,
    You have a voice to shout.
    But this is what you do?
    You prove you are true.
    True to whom my friend?
    This is sin, this must end.
    Look there, look out straight,
    Here you choose your fate.
    Respect each one there,
    They too have their share.
    Let them breathe in peace,
    Let them live in bliss.
    Let them live in bliss.

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    Let Them Live in Bliss


  • dipanjan_b 7w

    Once upon a time, I too loved to rhyme.
    I searched through doors, and beneath the earthen floors
    To find the latest theme, out of fancy dreams,
    And held them strong in brain, till it reached my pen.
    One fine morning light, made me feel so bright.
    I found another theme, a poem with no scheme.
    A door on street number nine, the house was new in line.
    I peeked inside the door, a casual way to explore.
    I saw a man too round, he sat kissing the ground.
    He sniffed through the floor, till he reached the door.
    He looked up to see me stand, his hairs had dust and sand.
    Hey who are you young boy, you look like my toy.
    He giggled with no cause, I stood there in a pause.
    A funny man indeed, he looked like a perplexed seed.
    His eyes were dull and lost, as if they had no cost.
    I quietly slipped inside, opening the door a wide.
    He was still in thoughts, searching through those pots.
    I walked inside his rooms, amid the spherical fumes.
    Test tubes scattered around, over the dusty ground.
    My eyes went through the walls, I saw few golden balls.
    Few photographs in frames, with different blocks of names.
    I gazed through each one there, beneath the dusty layer.
    I saw one picture blurred, and read the chain of words
    That were written in bold, bright yet looked so old.
    Late Sam D'costa it read, I was frozen in dread.
    Who this man was then, I thought he was insane.
    I felt a gust of air, brushing through my hairs.
    It had an icy touch, as if I was being watched.
    I turned around in fear, but so no one was there.
    I stumbled slow in aghast, walked out through the dust.
    The house was barren now, I kept wondering how
    Can this be true? I did what I could do,
    I tried to run to the door, but slipped off on the floor.
    The door was closed in a blink, I got no span to think.
    I stood there frozen still, like those blocks of hills.
    I felt a whisper then, someone touched my brain.
    I heard a laughter loud, amid the fuming cloud.
    Hey you little boy, you look like my toy.
    Don't be scared of me, come here when you are free.
    I am a ghost indeed, but I too have my needs.
    I need a mate to talk, I need a friend to walk.
    I have been locked up here, floating in this air.
    I got no love no care, no one gave my share.
    I died in a chemical blast, now those tales are past.
    You are like my son, trust me I have no one.
    I will love you true, as much as I can do.
    Don't be scared again, I am not insane.
    Call me uncle o dear, you can come in here
    Whenever you miss me, or when you are free.
    Uncle Sam will wait, for my little Albeit.
    You can leave today, it's too late a day.
    Your parents must worry a lot, you are the one they got
    With intense love and care, do value their share.
    We will meet again, in this dusty lane.
    My ears were red by now, like those senseless cows
    I lost my brain to think, perhaps I forgot to blink.
    I walked out through the door, now with a different store.
    A different vibe has grown, to empower over the throne,
    The throne that holds my mind, now it made me blind.
    It was uncle Sam, the one with the maroon tam,
    His thoughts had filled my soul and my brain as a whole.
    My poem had got its theme, and it was not a dream.
    I hope you liked it then, my thoughts that held my pen.
    Uncle Sam must read, it is dedicated indeed.
    Now do let me leave, still many thoughts to weave.
    I will be back again, with new thoughts insane.

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    Uncle Sam


  • dipanjan_b 9w

    Misty Love

    Perhaps a hazy picture there,
    Right on that wall.
    Brought me tons of broken air,
    A trembling needy call.

    After years of peaceful dust,
    The door was opened again.
    Undisturbed thoughts in rust,
    Have sprinkled showers of rain.

    She was Winnie, my beloved wife,
    A dense vibe of love.
    In all these years my lonesome life,
    Has made me a lazy dove.

    The day when in college, I saw
    Those mazarine pair of eyes.
    I was lost in waves of raw
    Desires, that came in mere disguise.

    Her words are still so green in me,
    Still a vibrant dream.
    Years of dust has set me free
    From fancy youthful whims.

    The viscous holds of memory web,
    Pulls me beyond the frame.
    My beloved one is in her grave,
    My heart has caged her name.

  • dipanjan_b 10w

    Distiled flavours of amorous touch,
    I have loved you true.
    I have weaved a castle of dreams,
    Beneath the boundless blue.

    The drops of rain that drench my soul,
    And bring me petals along.
    They speak of love that holds you close,
    My heart can feel it strong.

    Those vibes of pink that lingers down,
    And fills my stream of blood.
    They bring me waves of amative love,
    Creating a delirious flood.

    I cherish the moments I had held,
    Those fingers soft and warm.
    The fragrance wafted down my soul,
    Your breath was like a storm.

    A thousand miles beyond the blue,
    We strolled for a million days.
    No calls to face, no human race,
    Had ever hindered our ways.

    I dreamt each day, a million dreams,
    Where I had held you close.
    A distant land where bliss prevails,
    And wings had adorned the rose.

    Where clouds had faces and they could speak,
    They wished us happy life.
    We sauntered through those foliage lush,
    And you had been my wife.

    No eyes to stare, no lips to say,
    Just we two in our world.
    No conflicts hurled those stones of dread,
    No greed for gems or gold.

    These pleasing dreams with wings to fly,
    Could take us beyond the blue.
    We could rule the world of love,
    If these dreams were true.

    Amid those dreams, I saw a dream,
    That forced my nerves to groan.
    I strolled so careless by the sea,
    And I was all alone.

    A whisper came with the gust of wind,
    And I heard your trembling voice.
    My time has come to the final turn,
    And trust me, I had no choice.

    I will gaze through all thy days,
    And fill thy life with grace.
    I just want to see you smile,
    And win through every race.

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    Love Birds


  • dipanjan_b 10w

    Talent does not speak of age,
    It just needs the psychic stage.
    It can be through words or art,
    Every talent is equally smart.

    Have you got a talent O dear?
    Show it out without a fear.
    Stretch thy thoughts and calibre high,
    Then you too can kiss the sky.

    Some have talent in writing skills,
    Some have talent in trekking hills.
    Hide not ever thy vibes of soul,
    Let it rise and grab its goal.

    Talent flows through gusty wind,
    Hides in grooves of latent mind.
    Talent waves like delirious seas,
    And runs insane through unquiet leas.

    It dwells in us from the blink of birth,
    Spreading smiles through mortal earth.
    A singer voices bliss through songs,
    A wrestler makes us feel so strong.

    A poet can spell out magic of rhymes,
    A doctor produces tricky enzymes.
    Talent is a quality, hold the show,
    If we polish it, it will grow.

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  • dipanjan_b 10w

    The Unspoken Voice

    I too have a life, I too have my dreams,
    I too want to speak, fly in fancy whims.
    I too want to learn, read those splendid books,
    I too want to groom my soul and my looks.

    I too want to see, through those mundane beams,
    I too want to paint, the canvas of my dreams.
    I can fly as well to win the mazarine sky,
    I can bring down grace, at least I can try.

    Give me a chance O dad, give me a chance to fly,
    Let me walk on earth, let me kiss the sky.
    I know I am a girl, but that's not wrong to be,
    I too have those thoughts, elegant as the sea.

    You wish to get a boy, a man with virile voice,
    I stood against thy heart, stood against thy choice.
    Is it what I did? Is it my mistake?
    I have been a girl, not the one who's fake.

    Trust me O dear mom, I will fill thy heart,
    Each a day with joy, with my splendid art.
    I too can make you smile, carry you over the lands.
    I will hold you through the miles, with my arduous hands.

    Let me get a chance, let me prove my part,
    Let me breathe again, let me feel my heart.
    Let me live a life, let me hold a soul,
    I too can reach the shore, I too can kiss my goal.