the quiet one with the loudest thoughts and a screaming mind..

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  • discoveringself 6w

    Its not always easy to be with people who love you differently from your idea of love!


  • discoveringself 6w

    Always remember!

    The world's perception of you
    Is not your reality!

    Know yourself!
    Know your truth!

    Shine with your own light!
    Not as a reflection of other people's perception!


  • discoveringself 7w

    The bridge of November!

    O' November!

    You bridge Autumn
    And winter together!
    Beginning with the fall,
    And ending in snow fall!
    The harbinger of change!
    Merging the multitude
    Of myriad colours;
    Through your prism,
    Into the white of a snowflake!
    Binding withering leaves
    With the frosty trunks;
    To lend a serene sheet
    To a harlequin landscape!
    Giving time to prepare
    For the biting cold!
    That's laced with the warmth
    Of the forthcoming festivities!

    Thank you for the breather, November!

    For now the hearth is ready
    For the arrival of frigid winds!
    If only the heart could be also
    Warned of any impending gelidity!


  • discoveringself 8w

    The world is merely
    A refection of
    what we perceive!

    The truth is different!
    Vividly different!


  • discoveringself 8w

    And the faded
    pictures of that
    album stored
    the brightest
    memories of
    a lifetime!


  • discoveringself 8w

    Love at every sight?

    I saw you turn your eyes away
    when we crossed on the street;
    I saw you pretend not to see me,
    Although you had seen me!

    I remember the way we gushed
    About "love at first sight"
    When we were together!

    How I wish to rewrite the
    phrase to "love at every sight!"
    Perhaps the heart would
    Not ache so much, for there
    would be hope to renew,
    Or a choice to refuse!


  • discoveringself 9w

    Awaiting serendipity!

    Perhaps everything will fall in place;
    Like the rush of waters,
    From the mountains,
    Onto the bare arid fields!

    Or the serendipitous emergence,
    Of hot water springs;
    Amidst the brumous,
    Of cold wintery mornings!

    Or the swift appearance
    of an epiphany while
    meditating on nothing!

    Until then,
    Keep discovering your own self,
    Know that you are not your past!
    Realise that you are not your mistakes!
    Understand that you are not your bad choices!

    You are yourself, you in the now!
    The evolved wiser version of you;
    That revels in its scars,
    And knows its truth!
    What it can and cannot do!
    That believes the thorns of its
    personality are meant to protect!
    And keeps faith that even in,
    the dry barren desert of its life;
    It can bloom!
    It can bloom!
    Like a rose, on the cactii!


  • discoveringself 9w

    The loneliest moment in anyone's life is when despite surrounded by people, you want to pour your heart out, but you cannot, for the trust has evaporated and living together is only an eye wash!


  • discoveringself 10w

    If I were rain!

    If I were rain,
    I would ask the winds,
    To carry me over
    The verdant meadows;
    And the gleeful forests;
    Onto the arid lands
    That look forward to
    Me, my arrival!

    Where I am welcomed,
    To the drum roll of thunder;
    And a swirl of the dusts;
    Where every drop of me,
    Is devoured with the fervour
    Of an ardent devotee;
    Worshipping its favourite Gods!

    Where I would assume
    The status of an elixir,
    Bringing life to the dreary,
    Quenching parched throats;
    Impregnating barren soils
    With seeds of joy and hope!

    Oh! How I would urge the winds,
    To blow me over to those lands,
    Where I am truly desired!
    Where I am truly wanted!
    Where every drop is cherished,
    Never taken for granted!


  • discoveringself 10w

    Sometimes the broken
    heart is so fragile,
    It feels like the
    entire being, would
    crumble to dust, with one
    gentle gust of wind!

    Oh! What a relief
    That would be!