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  • dissolvedwriter 6w


    I won’t forget your face in the mirror.
    Your eyes like glass.
    Your voice like an old blanket, that’s not quite soft anymore, with a scent that lingers, that knowingly needs to be washed away but the familiarity is comforting, and warm.
    Your facade as real as your reflection,
    Your swindling smile as striking as a Fall sunset.
    I won’t forget your face in the mirror.
    Your eyes like glass.
    Your words as careful as your touch.
    Carefully fake.
    Carefully humble.
    Carefully covert.
    I stand before my own mirror, now.
    You’re not there.
    Only I, who failed to see the truth in the mirror and lies in the glass.

  • dissolvedwriter 15w


    I awoke to your words
    distant and foreign
    about a love you once knew
    distance rang through my reality
    time and space seeped from my skin
    and foreign I felt in my own body
    through blurry vision
    and bright light
    for a moment
    I was there
    in your
    and arms.

  • dissolvedwriter 16w

    Like the ephemeral qualities of a sunset
    Our brief exchange of words go from beauty to darkness
    I wish I could fade into the night with you

  • dissolvedwriter 17w

    Laboring Soul

    Stillness is comforting yet unsettling
    I can see through the day
    Many meaningless tasks go undone
    Except the soul, laboring with extreme assiduity,
    trying to find the center of it’s universe
    It is not a dance if twinkling lights glowing in a vast emptiness
    But a quiet flicker of hope that is routinely annihilated by salty tears
    And then finding the strength to burn again.