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  • divineblitz 19w

    Rule of Five

    The God, is the creater, the omnipresent and the omniscient....
    He made earth, its various life forms, vegetation, nature and then humans in his own image,

    Then he made five laws to govern human life on earth,
    But except the first one, he does not interferes in any of his laws...

    The first and foremost is the law of 'SPIRITUALITY',
    it is about self realization that we are nothing but spirits,
    You become what you think originates from this law...

    The second and very important one is the law of 'KARMA' which is the medium to interact with universe and environment around us,
    What you reap is what you sow is the essence of this law....

    Third one is the law of 'NATURE' ,
    It signifies that what has come on this earth will be perished one day,
    Nothing in this world is permanent,
    Change is the essence of life is what it preaches..

    The fourth one is the law of 'DHARMA' ,
    It is about our moral duties toward humans, animals, plants and society on earth,
    It also includes duties toward our rituals and culture...

    The fifth and final one is the law of 'BEING',
    it portrays that as individuals how should we live and flourish,
    What should be our principles and moral responsibilities in life...

    These five laws are self sustained and works on the free will of humans,
    If we understand and follow them with right heart then we can always live a happy and healthy life....

  • divineblitz 21w

    If your prayers are not coming true,
    It means that you are not on the right path,
    A true faith without the good deeds,
    is like a body without a soul....

  • divineblitz 22w

    Highest level of spiritualism is to detach your identity with Religion,
    and attach It with infinite cosmos....

  • divineblitz 22w

    There is no absolute truth in this universe accept 'GOD',
    Balance is all perceptions,
    So don't waste your time on right or wrong,
    Let karma be the teacher....

  • divineblitz 22w

    Don't judge others
    by right or wrong,
    rather look for solutions,
    which gives you inner peace...

  • divineblitz 24w


    Prayers without good karma is like a lamp without the oil...
    How much so ever you try, it won't give you light...

    PS: Law of karma may be the creation of God but is independent of him...

  • divineblitz 24w

    Forgiving others in our life, and acceptance of own flaws and weaknesses,
    is the first step towards self realisation,
    and without self realisation, it is impossible to experience God....

  • divineblitz 25w

    In pursuit of my inner self, I came across God....

  • divineblitz 25w

    कारवां गुजरता गया,
    लोग जुड़ते चले गये,
    पर न जाने क्यू़ं,
    कुछ अपने ही, हमराज़ न बन सके,
    और कुछ राही दूर के,जाने कब,
    दिलों के हमसफ़र बन गये.....

  • divineblitz 25w


    Equip your heart with good things in life,
    For everything we do flows from it,
    and use your mind, only where it's needed.....