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  • divya_a 3w

    Dear 2020,

    Let me start by saying you that you definitely stood out as a different year that ever happened to everyone of us and of course the credit goes to none other than uninvited mr Covid - 19.
    So I wouldn't blame you for not being as "expected year". There were surely some unexpected events that happened during your year. Few of them are registered in my memory box as sweet and some of them as bitter anyways I have no regrets regarding any events, they were meant to happen and It happened that's it!

  • divya_a 3w

    Rasta dhudhla sa hai

    Rasta dhudhla sa hai
    Dar tho lagta hai kahi kadam bhatak na jaye
    Lekin wishwas apne aap pe bhi rakhte hai

  • divya_a 9w

    Dear Arijit, how can you be so incredibly talented!
    Your voice in every genre makes me wonder how one could perform with such perfection.
    I still remember the first ever song I heard of yours was "Phir Mohabbat" right from there your voice established a place in my heart! Your name is enough for me to listen any song. What should I say about you I'm running out of words��

    Now I'm hooked to "Aabaad barbaad" from ludo ��

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    Dear Arijit

  • divya_a 9w

    Stop expecting

    Stop expecting from worthless people and see how life becomes easy.

  • divya_a 9w


    Expecting other would admire you,
    Expecting other would shower attention ,
    Expecting other would always prioritize you,
    Expecting other would never get bored of you,
    Expecting other would always be there during your emotional break downs,
    Expecting other would cherish your presence in their life,
    It's all Myth my honey!
    Everything has its deadline don't expect it remaining forever.
    Fit this in your mind and get back to your important work rather than thinking who is by your side and who isn't.

  • divya_a 9w

    Binni, a small little mischievous child you could ever see but the innocence she holds will definitely melt your heart.
    The way she smiles and jumps seeing those balloons will catch your attention and will drive you to admire her,
    When she falls down while playing she drop tears but after hitting floor with her foot she again starts playing after all she punished the floor,
    For her everyday has something different to offer,
    Binni's heart and mind must be grateful to her because Binni never seems to bother them ,
    Well,I asked her what is she afraid of. She took some time and then replied "ghost".
    And she asked me the same question back,
    I said " I'm too afraid of ghost but in the form of humans"
    She gave a confused look but as soon as her favorite cartoon appeared on tv she ran away.
    For her everything is simple not complicated.
    May be that's the essence of childhood

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    Essence of childhood


  • divya_a 10w

    Cool breeze

    There is something in this cool breeze
    It just goes through my nose and knocks my mind and says "hold on ! take a breathe and dive yourself into my coolness"-my poor mind gives up and keeps aside all those tangled strings.

  • divya_a 10w

    Dar mat

    Darne se sab tikh nahi hojata
    Ulta darne se sab bigad jata hai
    Dar mat

  • divya_a 10w


    Let's try making a dish called "how relation gets destroyed"
    Take a bowl add sweet memories then add a slice of lemon argument ,mix it well.
    Taste it, did you get the feeling of sourness?
    Perfect! Now Add a pinch of anger and pain,
    last but not least garnish it with distance.

  • divya_a 10w

    Where are you?

    someone who could light up your darkness
    someone who could understand your silence
    someone who could sprinkle some glitters in your starless sky
    someone who could make you feel shy
    Where are you?