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  • divya_johnson 1w

    My pretty lill one

    My pretty little one,
    I wonder how you handle my deepest sorrows.
    In the emotionless world you were my best counsellor.
    I have never felt this magnificent love with any people around
    It was only you
    Little did I knew you grew up more than me to handle all my frustration,
    I wish your Mondays be motivated
    Your Tuesdays be tremendous,
    Your Wednesdays be wealthy,
    Your Thursdays be Tenacious
    May you have all the fullness of Friday
    With Sassy Saturdays
    And Scintillating Sundays.

  • divya_johnson 1w

    I love to fall over and again,
    Coz I get to feel your loving hand
    When it picks me up each time.
    I love to cry over and again,
    Coz I get to feel your soothing lips
    When it kisses away my tears,
    I love to die over and again,
    Coz I feel the way you breathe
    When you revive my soul.

  • divya_johnson 2w

    I fell in love with the women I hated the most,
    She is ugly yet her scars made her magnificent,
    She is dusky, yet her tears sparkled like stars in her eyes,
    She wakes up to the ashes of her body
    She mourns in the dark and dances in twilight

    She is like a worm that is trampled yet struggled to survive
    She was made a bridge for people to walk on her
    She carried agony of other
    And was carefree of her own sorrows
    I fell in love with the woman I hated the most cause I once saw her in me.

  • divya_johnson 2w

    Its okay, not to be okay
    Its okay when no one accepts your side
    Its okay to feel void,
    Its okay when your tears fill the jar, they are your jewel of diamonds.
    Its okay to keep quite, silence will also make noise.
    Its okay even you don't have anyone beside you, pat your shoulders and move on,
    Its okay to walk alone in the darkest night, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Its okay if your falling apart, put yourself in front of the mirror,
    Its okay if no one appreciates your effort, you will be identified one day,
    Its okay if the demons in you laughs at you
    Its okay even if your loosing, you still have opportunities
    Its okay to be unloved, you will be kissed
    Its okay to fall down, dust yourself you don't belong to the ground anymore.
    Its okay if your failing, when you succeed that becomes your reputation.
    It is okay not be okay.

  • divya_johnson 2w

    Life is unpredictable so is death

    Life is unpredictable so is death.
    Live to your fullest
    Live to love
    Live satisfied
    Live humble
    Live beautiful
    Live positive
    Live content
    Live soulful
    Live jovial
    Live at your best
    Living with laughter is your success♥️

  • divya_johnson 11w

    To my Panda

    She kept smiling all day,
    Smile froze her lips
    That was remarkable.
    Hiding her anxiety she smiled,
    Trusting the process of her life she smiled,
    Her smile indeed was essence adding flavors
    Her smile dimmed the pain
    Her smiled broke the walls of isolation
    She gleamed in beauty of smile
    For her name defined her
    She was but an exotic beauty
    A princess of Smile

  • divya_johnson 11w

    Should I remind you to remember,
    How the beauty of my soul fell in love with the flaws of you?

  • divya_johnson 17w

    Love for Energy Australians

    The Joy that floods my little heart when people not only calls me "Love" but also show me their love, who dont even know me but only heard me wishing them good everyday,

    I may get payed from the company I work for,
    But I owe a lot to the Aussie people whom I speak to,
    When I may feel tired to work, and think of giving up for the day,
    Yours words of appreciation cheers me up,
    Immense Love❤ Aussie Love❤

  • divya_johnson 21w

    I remember how lovely it was to wear that school uniform when she dressed me up,
    I miss praying with her,
    This day seven years ago,
    For the first time I felt scared cause I could not accept my future without her,
    There was pain in her departure,
    But God was well pleased in taking His treasure and adding her to his kingdom,
    Angels were pleased in carrying her to that golden highway,
    It pleased heaven to welcome her,
    For the world did not deserve her,
    Can't wait for that day of our meet in eternity

  • divya_johnson 21w

    Day of departure

    I never knew how it felt to be sad
    Untill this day,
    I was seventeen years, she was sixty seven,
    I remember her tender hands holding me always,
    I never knew how it felt to be forsaken,
    Untill this day,
    I felt the departure,
    Departure of happiness, laughter, joy.
    All together.
    I remember how beautiful it was,
    When her worn hands
    thought me to hold a chalk piece for the first time
    When her wrinkled hand wraped me around when I cried,
    I miss them all..
    ➡️ SWIPE