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  • divya_patel 1w

    Happy friendship day my Mirakee family ����

    #friendshipday #friends #love #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeewriter #shewrites

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    FRIENDS (n)

    The only people who
    make me feel that I exist.


  • divya_patel 5w

    नग्में हैं, शिकवे हैं, किस्से हैं, बातें हैं..��

    #heshestory #love #soul #writersnetwork #mirakeewriter #mirakee #shewrites

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  • divya_patel 8w


    When he's gone
    Everyone's asking 'Why',
    When he was alive
    Perhaps no one would have asked.

    Why didn't his sleepless nights
    bother anyone?
    Why didn't his silence hurt anyone?
    Why didn't anyone put their
    Hand on his shoulder
    And asked this 'Why' then?

    No one knows what he had been going through,
    No one knows how he had been feeling,
    No one knows how lonely he had been,
    No one will ever know.
    And if he would have opened his heart,
    Would they have listened?
    And if they would have listened,
    Would they have understood?

    The sad truth is,
    This is the human tendency,
    We care only when someone is gone.

    We have lost a very genuine and humble star.
    Many of us still can't believe what happened.
    Many of us still wishing you were alive, Sushant.

    May you find peace.
    You'll always be alive in our hearts.
    Lots of love and dua, ☮️❤️

    P.s.: Guys don't comment on this post, because I won't be able to reply. My heart is still aching. I just wish he finds Peace (at least now after death)��������

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    वो जो मरने पर तुला है
    उसने जी कर भी तो
    देखा होगा
    ~Jaun Elia

    May you find peace, Sushant
    Love you forever ♡

  • divya_patel 10w


    I set up an alarm for 11:55 pm
    And waited the clock to show 12:00 am
    "���������� ���������������� ", I texted,
    But you didn't read.
    I thought it's your birthday
    So you must be receiving lots of wishes,
    Maybe that's why you didn't notice my messages.

    It's been ten days or more
    Since we were not talking to each other,
    I thought I would make everything better
    But your temper was getting hotter and hotter.

    I was feeling sick that day
    But I somehow managed to wish you Birthday,
    That day I didn't even take the medicines,
    Which usually make me sleep and forget
    about all my sins.

    After some days when those grey ticks
    didn't turn into blues,
    ''������'���� �������� �������� ����", I got some clues,
    So I messaged you to ask
    What was my mistake
    You said "��������������",
    And didn't said much anything.
    I begged you to let me know
    If anything's wrong please tell me,
    But you still didn't say much back to me.

    I was going through a lot that year,
    And decided "������ ���� �������� ������ ���������� ������������ ������������
    ��������������", and that was clear.
    So I wrote my heart out,
    Even though I wanted to make you a call and shout,
    Because you know, you no more had any
    attachments with me
    And I was sure, soon you'll get some other ''������".
    I told you everything what I wanted to say.
    I made sure that in anger I won't say
    anything that's rude or mean.
    But I'm happy at least my last words
    were seen.

    It's your birthday today,
    And I know I can't wish you.
    But I did the same thing today too,
    Setting up an alarm for 11:55 pm
    And waiting for the clock to show 12:00 am.
    I placed my right hand on my heart and whispered
    "���������� ����������������"

    May 29, 2020


    #birthday #memories #heshestory #soul #love
    #mirakee #mirakeewriter #writersnetwork #pod #shewrites

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  • divya_patel 13w

    Mirakee Challenge: Write a story using this picture in 10 words or lesser. #verdant

    #heshestory #love #soul #life #pod #mirakee #mirakeewriter #writersnetwork #shewrites

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    I let myself lost
    hoped that you would stop me


  • divya_patel 14w

    He said in ANGREZI MEDIUM,
    "A person dies when his dream shatters"
    But today Irrfan saab's death has shattered every fan's dream. His death is feeling like a personal loss.
    But he is not dead. He will always breathe in every fans' heart.��

    May his soul rest in peace��

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    "Aapke khatam ho jaane se
    Aaj har aadmi ka sapna toot gaya"

  • divya_patel 14w


  • divya_patel 15w

    When you were bunking the classes,
    He was attending extra classes.

    When you were chilling out with friends,
    He was studying everyday for like 12 hours.

    When you were going to parties,
    He was going for doubt sessions.

    When you were ragging your Juniors,
    He was talking about the studies to his seniors.

    When you were taking exams lightly,
    He kept remembered his responsibilities towards
    his family.

    As expected, You failed.
    As expected, He passed with flying colors
    And got the highest package.

    As expected, You ranted about the poor education system
    With your gang,
    With your 2 Am friends-club,
    With your Beer-friends.

    As expected, He gained fame and respect
    From his teachers,
    From his Seniors,
    From his Juniors.

    As expected, You said that
    Fate is with him, he is lucky and what not..

    As expected, He thanked God for giving him strength to not give up.

    #life #philosophy #dontgiveup #dreams #soul #passion #mirakee #mirakeewriter #pod #tale #writersnetwork #shewrites

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    (Read the caption)


  • divya_patel 16w

    Strange, isn't it
    that we now hate those people so much
    once we were deeply in love with ��

    #life #philosophy #love #soul #heshestory #mirakee #mirakeewriter #pod #writersnetwork #shewrites

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  • divya_patel 17w


    #life #philosophy #soul #passion #mirakee #mirakeewriter #pod #writersnetwork #shewrites

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    Don't do what is in fashion,
    Do what is your passion.