Giving words to moments. Words scream life.

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  • divyabaveja 3w

    The need to do good, to cause an impact, to find meaning in your work and your actions - is not a competition.
    There are no deadlines. There are no timelines.
    It is what it is, a pursuit.
    So go pursue.
    Don't rile yourself up by creating unnecessary associations with self worth. It's a pursuit, not a condition for you to fulfil to feel good about yourself.


  • divyabaveja 4w

    Forgiveness isn't gentle.
    It's bold. An act of courage, and also compassion.
    You realise your anger serves no purpose.
    Inflicting pain on the other, won't heal your scars.
    You pick up the fallen pieces, hold them close, and take the next step forward.

    Who are we if not pieces of grit and hope and love wrapped up as someone's collateral damage?


  • divyabaveja 5w

    Some men are men of few words.
    Because any more out of that mouth, and you will know their truth.


  • divyabaveja 5w

    Don't question why someone gave you such little pieces of them, and their whole heart and soul to others.

    Question yourself why you got sold for so little and stayed?


  • divyabaveja 6w

    Information, reasons, factors affecting one's behavior: These only provide context for one's actions, not a justification.

    Understand, but don't excuse. Hold people accountable.


  • divyabaveja 7w

    Answers lie in the right questions.

    - Therapy in a nutshell.
    Possibly, life too.


  • divyabaveja 8w

    The most important question of them all, the one to bring instant clarity in times of chaos, confusion and conflict:

    "What is the kind of life I want to live?"


  • divyabaveja 9w

    Sometimes you want something or someone so much that you let yourself believe that you need them.

    Gentle reminder: You don't.


  • divyabaveja 11w

    Deciding the 'who', 'when' and 'how much' of being available is so important for conservation of mental and emotional resources.

    Being awake,
    Being online
    Being 'not busy'/not working
    Not being on the phone/listening to music

    Doesn't automatically make you accessible to everyone. Review and redefine your Me Time as well as Me Space!


  • divyabaveja 13w

    Dating sites are not the problem, one's attitude towards finding love there is. The 'bhaiya kuch aur dikhana' mentality.

    He seems nice, she seems great.. "But what else is out there?" making people never forge a connect, or not investing enough in maintaining one.