��Wisdom begins in Wonder ��

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  • divyasajwan26 1d


    The greatest beneficence you will ever
    do in your life is to forgive someone
    who didn't even apologize.But,keep
    it all aside and forgive them.You don't
    need to do this for them;but for yourself.


  • divyasajwan26 4w


    It is all about how you see the world.

    If you focus on the flaws-nothing else can
    be seen with your eyes.

    And if you focus on the beauty-that is all
    What you see.


  • divyasajwan26 5w

    Take me back.....

    I want to go back to the days
    where I used to sleep without overthinking.

    ( But there is no going back )


  • divyasajwan26 5w

    Not to force anything

    The biggest lesson I have learned this year
    is not to force anyone for anything.
    Anything that is forced is not just worth
    fighting for.Let it go,if it goes
    Let it clash,if it clashes
    Cause,it is ment to be.


  • divyasajwan26 6w

    So little of the day....

    I don't remember every detail
    of the day I fall in love with you.
    The day i met you was little more than a blur.
    Series of faded memories.
    But the thing I remember clearly is;
    my life would never be the same again.


  • divyasajwan26 7w

    No come back

    To love someone is to
    release one's hold on their intact hub(heart)
    making sure that they won't get back
    to the same situation ever again.

  • divyasajwan26 10w

    Victory good over evil

    The purpose of this life is not easy.
    The purpose we are here is not just
    to learn,work,earn,eat and have fun.
    It's something much more than that.
    The central why we are here is
    to choose 'good over evil'.
    It is you who can draw good
    from any evil situation.
    It is a demonstration of the delution
    rectifying process of natural selection.


  • divyasajwan26 11w

    And he left

    I made you my sun,
    but you left when it got dark.
    Just because you didn't love the real me
    You just wanted to love what you wanted me to be.

  • divyasajwan26 11w

    Found you!

    I didn't just fall in love with you.
    I fell in love with your innocence and
    the way how you saw the world.
    And it was through those eyes i saw
    what I was actually missing,this far.

    I saw solace.


  • divyasajwan26 11w

    In pieces

    I hold on until the thing which is not
    mine rent itself from my grasp
    and leave me shattered.
    Because um bad at letting go.