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  • diwanankit 13h

    श्रुतिविप्रतिपन्ना ते यदा स्थास्यति निश्चला।
    समाधावचला बुद्धिस्तदा योगमवाप्स्यसि॥

    भाँति-भाँति के वचनों को सुनने से विचलित हुई तेरी बुद्धि जब परमात्मा में अचल और स्थिर ठहर जाएगी, तब तू योग को प्राप्त हो जाएगा अर्थात तेरा परमात्मा से नित्य संयोग हो जाएगा

    ~ श्लोक 53 - अध्याय 2 - गीता का सार

    When unsteady intellect by listening and observing different purpose, goals of life( is for this ,and for that) gets steady in the lord , and accepts supreme lord as everything(i have come and will go back to the lord), and cease to get diverted by worldly goals ,that is the stage of yoga, bhakti..By accepting this completely one feels undefinable inner peace, and the seeker starts living fearlessly through union with the lord..He-she gets their refuge after death..

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    Unsteady intellect

    When your intellect ceases to be allured by the fruitive sections of the Vedas and remains steadfast in divine consciousness, you will then attain the state of perfect Yog.

  • diwanankit 1d

    #question:- What we call that force,power?
    Arjuna asks:- o my lord! There is some power which force us to act involuntarily(nobody wants to act wrong intenttionally) there is some force?? What is that..
    Shri krishna says:- O! Arjuna that is Kama(lust, desires) which is filled in every sense organ that make you to follow your sense leads your mind behind your senses and delude your wisdom.
    This is how one falls from higher to lower stage of life,perform inferior karmas?
    #that is kama.

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    A sight of yoga

    Like winds and waves directs the boat likewise the senses takes away the mind to different subjects of their pleasure.

    Example:-suppose you were feeling very spiritual and at sudden you see someone very attractive of opposite gender, Now you are filled with lust,..
    Here your eyes(sense organ) carrying your mind away, it's an example of sensual power(Kama)..

  • diwanankit 2d

    Delusional stage of mind

    Nature is so powerful that feelings can delude and block our mind completely and force us to act, follow misdeed.
    Pray o my lord! Empower me with divinity, May i be strong enough, wise enough, to judge and act lawfully and make right decisions.

  • diwanankit 2d

    Storms of feelings

    O lord! in Strong feelings and emotions, overwhelm us we lose our decisive power and in delusional stage of mind, we can follow, go ,and support wrong acts, things.. Therefore o lord! Make me wise enough to be patienceful in all worst situations

  • diwanankit 2d

    #As soon as we loss our right decision making power we fall towards crime.#

    O lord! Bless my intellect with your power and might,Make it so keen and sharp that i can make righteous decisions even in the worst of condition,May by your power i stand still without loosing my correct decision making power in the whirlpool of illegitimate sensual temptations.May i can hold my mind in the most adverse waves of feelings(anger, lust, envy, greed, attachment etc.)

    #protect me from illicit relations

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    Strong intellect

    Sword of intellect , armour of wisdom

  • diwanankit 2d

    Weak senses(especially mind) can be tempted, trapped very easily. Ask for their strength from the God.

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    Sense strength

    O lord! give strength to my senses, so that evil can not tempt,overcome me ever by your grace and mercy,May i stand unaffected in it.

  • diwanankit 2d


    Wrong thoughts leads towards wrong emotions and feelings,which further leads towards wrong actions and give birth to crime..

  • diwanankit 2d


    Only Strong determination will save you from evil, when we accept that i won't go against divine whatever the condition will be.
    That is also called as penance, an ascetic life, challange and no to all wrong temptation.

  • diwanankit 2d

    Filling with necrtral juice, and strength god made them as they can fufill all needs of human body, to uplift human to a fresh and healthy life..

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    Beautiful nectar

  • diwanankit 3d

    1. I won't loose my virginity till marriage.

    2.I won't drink alchohol, smoke. Rather i will go for fresh juicy fruits..
    3. I will avoid adultery and be busy in seeking more and more knowledge, helping animals, needy people.
    4. I will spend time in learning art, improving extra skills
    5. I will travel more and more to learn and understand life deeply

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    Some pure vow