Akelepann se chedi jab guftagu... Mere diiiiil ne awaaz di !!

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  • dixit_0_o 3w


    A look in her eyes makes me feel like an astronaut sneaking the gravity off my feet

  • dixit_0_o 6w


    As the sun, rising up in the mornings to give warmth to the world
    You rise up to give warmth to the souls.
    It shining brightly giving life,
    You smiling gracefully making lives ❤️

  • dixit_0_o 7w


    I move in the way your breath grooves in my heart
    A rhythm all can hear but only I can feel

  • dixit_0_o 11w


    Love with all your heart's might and to the soul's delight❤️

  • dixit_0_o 17w


    It's just that the heart's so busy in itself that it forgets for a while that it had another heart to beat for❤️

  • dixit_0_o 17w


    She's a living poetry
    Soothing distressed hearts❤️

  • dixit_0_o 19w


    Nazarein aapne jhukayi
    Dil humara beichen ho gaya
    Nazarein aapne jhukayi
    Dil hamara beichen ho gaya
    Zara sa kya muskuraye
    Dil humara deewana hogaya❤️

  • dixit_0_o 19w


    Jab woh gulabi kamal ki tarha sharmati hai
    Dil gulab ki tarah mehak uthta hai❤️

  • dixit_0_o 21w


    बन गई हो तुम मेरी मुस्कान
    ख्वाब तेरे बना दे मेरी ज़िंदगी आसान
    पास हमेशा तुम हो मेरे
    बेरंग ज़िंदगी है बिन तेरे।

  • dixit_0_o 26w

    Of all the temporaries, I'll be your permanent.