Lover of Poetry, Writer at heart.. “Love Yourself, Be Yourself who cares what people think “!!! 💕💕💕💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • djlove 1d


    Thought everything was good.. guess I was going too fast!!
    You said you weren’t ready for anything serious.. no worries I get it!!
    I am not upset or sad.. maybe just a little sad I miss you and those gorgeous eyes..
    Not a day goes by your not on my mind.. finding myself wanting to text you but I don’t..!!
    Missing your voice.. and our talks.!!
    I was beginning to like you.. maybe even had feelings too..!!
    I think you were too!! Wishing one day you’d talk to me again..!!
    I think of you always.. just know I’ll never forget you..!!
    Again I miss you and I know you miss me too..!!

    By: Dakota Juarez

  • djlove 2w

    First Date

    God is great.. my prayers were answered..!!
    On my very first date.. with you..!!
    Sorry if my kisses weren’t the greatest .. I’ll try better next time..!!
    Your massages were the best.. how I loved the way you played with my hair..
    My favorite part... begin in your arms.!!
    Can’t wait for our second date.. I’m sure will have fun..
    My our first date was..
    just the best..!!!

    By: Dakota Juarez

  • djlove 3w

    Mistake Of Loving You

    Sit and ponder through the night... of why I even loved you!
    What a disgrace of man you are.. i'm sorry to say such words.. thats just how i feel!!
    Drunk and absuive that's what you were.. always putting me down acusing me of cheating.. !
    Many women ponder this house at night .. one of whom carries your child!!
    Now i leave without a care in the world.. i'm sure you won't miss me .. i won't miss you !!
    Wishing you well in fatherhood and life ..!
    No i won't come back .. I shed not a tear , you are not worth crying for !!
    It was a mistake loving you.. I gave you my world or so i thought ..
    I won't make the same mistake twice!!
    Loving you was my mistake.. !!

    By: Dakota Juarez

  • djlove 6w

    Be Encouraged

    Be encouraged to do your best.. if you make a mistake it’s ok..!!
    Keep your head held high.. you got this just keep pushing!
    Have a little faith in all you do...
    Keep those feet moving.. give yourself a push!!
    Be encouraged.. faith, hope, and love is all you need..!!
    I encourage you.. to do your best!!

    By: Dakota Juarez

  • djlove 7w

    Born Unique

    Looking around... I see a crowd of personalities... Some have a hearts of gold !!
    Others are just plan mean .. people just wanna bringing you down ..
    Little do we know... we’re all born unique..!! Some can sing other can’t..
    Deep inside we all have secret talents.. don’t be afraid to show the world just who you are...
    We’re all born unique.. it’s beautiful just like you and me...
    I see a crowd of personalities.. it’s beautiful just be you....

    By Dakota Juarez

  • djlove 8w

    Moving On

    The body is sore... lays still without movement close your eyes...
    picture a world without pain, without death.... a place where peace and love only exist..
    No tears are shed... it’s a carefree world with many laughs, and smiles..
    Take a deep breath, relax open your eyes feel your emotions..
    Cry until there’s no more tears... scream until your voice is gone...!!!
    Now get up.. feel the strength inside you smile...
    It’s time to move on with life.. as they say life goes on..!!
    We can’t live life in pain, or sorrow...
    Life sucks.. but it must go on!!!
    Here’s to new beginnings.. with you, me, and everyone..
    Moving on... it’s time... life goes on..!!

    By:Dakota Juarez @djlovebay

  • djlove 8w

    El Amor De Papá

    Desde un niña chiquita el único padre que conocí fuiste tu... no ay amor con el de hija y padre..!!!
    Siempre a tu lado tuve feliz .. y llena de amor..!!
    Cada vez me mirabas a los ojos.. y con una sonrisa me dabas besos y abrazos..!!!
    Papa te amo con todo mi corazón.. hoy y siempre digo que es un honor dice le a todo el mundo que tu si eres mi papá...
    El hombre que mas le importaba te mi salud, el que me cuidó cuñado pasa por un tiempo mal en mi vida..!!
    Te amor papá siempre... en mi corazón..!!
    I love you daddy..!!!

    By: Dakota Juarez

  • djlove 9w

    Nana’s Love

    So pure and gentle... a smile to remember..!!
    Hugs so big and warm... far or near no matter where you are... nana’s love was always there..!!
    She may be gone... but never forgotten..!!!
    Nana’s love is everywhere.. within us all..!!
    Nana’s love is here to stay.. !!

    By: Dakota Juarez @djlovebay

  • djlove 10w

    Pieces Of Me

    Each shattered pieces... I threw away represents aparts of my past..
    Begins at age six... begin sexually abused by the man I once trusted and never again will.. this memory brings tears to my eyes ...
    Because of him my anxiety began.. !!!
    Age 13 I was hurt again this time by my uncle.. because of these two men I wasn’t a normal kid...!!!
    My anxiety was bad... begin around a crowd of people made it worse..!!!
    Twenty four... wow a fully grown adult was raped by man I barely knew.. this I held inside because of fear and not knowing it was rape..!!!
    These pieces of me are now gone.. but still part of me..
    to them I say thank you for making me the women I am today..!!!
    I am a warrior .. no past can define me..
    I am fighter..!!! I am a survivor..!!!

    By: Dakota Juarez @djlovebay

  • djlove 10w

    Dear World...

    Today we lack love, respect, and unity..!!!
    People getting shot at... because of their color... children getting raped... police officers begin bullied...!!!
    Where is the love??? It brings tears to one’s eyes... to see such hatred ...
    Have we forgotten that god placed us all here on earth to love one another.. !!
    Our race shouldn’t matter... we should love one another... we shouldn’t be afraid of who we are , be proud of who you are...!!!
    Let’s make our country better.. let’s set an example for our children..
    We are one!!! We lead by example!!!

    By: Dakota Juarez @djlovebay