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  • dmwilliams 5d

    Black Rain

    Whenever rain descends again in your part of this unsteady world, take a step outside and look up towards God's perfection,

    Close your eyes and allow George Floyd's tears to quench your soul's thirst for equality within his umbrella of preservation.

    His earthly cries went unheard as he suffocated under a racist knee from a sworn officer who disregarded the Black Rain,

    His puddle of tears absorbed within the Minneapolis concrete, he exhaled his last breath which met his mother's pain.

    Upon his death, Mr. Floyd's soul soared around America and the masses of ethnicities took flight for justice and fairness,

    After he pleaded for air, he never thought in a million years that God would use him as a vessel for cultural awareness.

    DM Williams


  • dmwilliams 2w

    In The Moment

    Your turbulent past of sorrow continues to rears its ugly head within our love situation,

    Take ahold my love, my wanton hand will dismiss your doubts of this true foundation.

    My delicate touch sends your heart to tears in remembrance of when life didn't make sense,

    Our naked bodies will absorb your premonitions as we lay skinless and weaken love's defenses.

    He mistreated you, but I only want to shower you with happiness to the life you deserve,

    For I am your Mars, a planetary lover who lives to tingle every one of your nerves.

  • dmwilliams 13w


    Our precious souls were born with the purpose of forward progress

    But life's distractions cloud our sense to perform our very best

    A smile, a kind word can propel humanity
    through our storms of what we cannot see

    We're all joined by His internal thrust to assist one of the another

    Our days upon this Earth seems to fleet, no matter our color

    Connect and link together as we're destined to eternal brothers

    Tell me, has your racist, racism improved your life an inkling?

    Wasted years of hatred, after it all, can you tell me the distinction.

  • dmwilliams 15w


    Then it begins and we're immediately hooked on its hook as the melody consumes our soul

    God's gift to bridge humanity's differences is just a playlist away, as I am told

    A tapping of a foot, the snaps of your fingers seem to miraculously dissipate your concerns

    For a day without music weakens your sensibilities, that state of emptiness looms an unfulfilled yearn

    Allow your heart and ears to share the sound of joy and groove to the music

    Dare to begin your day with sound and I assure you it will rain upon you as therapeutic


  • dmwilliams 34w


    Life has its way of squeezing life issues into our life,
    Love, work, friends and children consumed our time.

    Years of satisfaction for others left us unfit for us,
    How do we repair the mirror's reflection of ourselves?

    It seems a struggle at the latter part of life to be fit,
    My undying sacrifices should warrant an easy fix to be fit.

    I need time to find my journey, to rediscover myself,
    But this world has created a false sense of my health.

    Her once perfect body gave birth and through tears and solitude, she dealt with her new body's imperfections.

    She worries, will he still love me the same or will a newer model ignite his engine and spiral his sensibilities?

    Will the years of my selfless sacrifices thwart an external attack of our love and our precious memories??

    I just want to be fit again. . . for me first. . .

  • dmwilliams 35w


    When your paths crossed, life as you knew it stopped and/or simmered?

    Her essence of whom she groomed herself to become laid at your fingertips.

    Self-perfection became your undying purpose that tickled the follicles of her skin,

    You shun your bad habits that plagued your life from since your humble beginning.

    Closed quarters became too spacious for what your intentions of love yearned from her,

    As a humbled man, we mastered her gait, the scent of her breath and what makes her smiles.

    Her dreams land heavily on the psychic of your purpose, you're driven to satisfy.

    Love her and relinquish your doubts and fears. . . simply love her.


  • dmwilliams 35w


    Through social media, we discovered one another and the rest became our history,

    Who was this amazing creature that God placed into existence, she became my mystery

    By chance, we met and our souls smiled with delight from love's first glance

    I touched her, she touched me and our kinetic sparks took its chance

  • dmwilliams 37w

    Dear Heavenly Father

    Throughout my time on your Earth, having less than has been the story of my life

    A dysfunctional household and a dismal father, I'm a survivor through life's strife

    My hurdles at times seem insurmountable and I am lost when exude my best

    Besides me, everyone is making strides and I'm paralyzed within their success

    How is life fair when I've give my very best as the clock ticks, no one seems to care

    I feel that my skin tone has lessens me to this world, but in 2019, is this even fair?

    I plead, level the playing field for me to have a chance at internal peace

    If not, Dear Heavenly Father, my life as I know it will continue to cease

  • dmwilliams 37w


    Just a touch of her soft skin and my mind is sent hurling toward her finish line

    My vision is blurred when her moist lips part, I'm forever blinded

    Love straddles my insecurities and doubt is my constant reminder

    Just to imagine my life without her, my love was not beside her.

  • dmwilliams 55w


    Have you transferred your gift to someone for the betterment of progress?

    D M Williams