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  • doloresg21 3w

    Self love quotes

    Self love changes the patters of love
    -Dolores Gonzalez

  • doloresg21 12w

    The creator God is the creator of the spiritual inner work

  • doloresg21 13w

    Love is at war , fear have no power over you , love wins the war .

    - Dolores Gonzalez

  • doloresg21 14w

    The love you share with people that is the Love that will grows on people heart

    - Dolores Gonzalez

  • doloresg21 14w

    5 ways to grow self love

    1. Take time to know yourself
    discover new things about your self

    2. Understand yourself
    Understand all parts of you yourself
    Send love to your self

    4. Practice self care
    Create a routine that support the well being of your mind and body

    5. build self pleasure
    activities that bring your enlightenment

  • doloresg21 14w

    6 meditation tips on connecting with god

    - let god be the focus of your attention

    - be aware of the presence

    -Quite the mind
    be prepared to listen to god

    - god is speaking
    is communicating a message

    -enjoy your time with god

    - write on a journal
    Write what god spoke to you on a meditation session

    - Dolores Gonzalez

  • doloresg21 15w

    Self care light up the dark of the soul

    - Dolores Gonzalez

  • doloresg21 15w

    Love is more important than becoming a good spiritual mentor

    -Dolores Gonzalez

  • doloresg21 15w

    6 Self love rituals

    1.create time to meditate

    2.listen to spiritual music

    3.made time for yourself to nourish your mind and body

    4.speak words of affirmation

    5.create beautiful quotes

    6. Create a routine to celebrate your body

    - Dolores Gonzalez

  • doloresg21 16w

    Love is your true essence

    -Dolores Gonzalez