A poet should be so crafty with words that he is envied even for his pains.

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  • doozy_dime 1w

    In dark mist of day
    With wintery breeze
    blowing her hairs away

    Tormented with
    her melancholy history
    She followed a myth

    She stood
    In pentagram of
    Salt in blackwood

    Then a silhouette
    From ground raised like
    Smoke with sunset

    It took
    the form of a
    Demon with gloomy look

    The figure spoke
    'You performed this
    Custom to evoke

    Me from hell,
    What you want?'
    Said the girl 'bethel'

    'To ask Gods
    Even In their presence
    why the world's so flawed'

    'There is still
    Suffering, violence,
    Betrayal and winterkill'

    The devil replied
    'You shall have
    What you solicit'

    The beast knew
    It is the humans
    Themselves for this rue

    But it was
    not in his nature
    To get thaws

    So her soul
    He took and she entered
    The Bethel's loophole...

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  • doozy_dime 2w

    Let me dance
    in my dimension
    of my unconsciousness
    till I run out of
    my breath and
    get shattered in pieces
    in peace before
    I wake up....

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    Let me dance
    in my dimension
    of my unconsciousness
    till I run out of
    my breath and
    get shattered in pieces
    in peace before
    I wake up....

  • doozy_dime 3w




    A specimen whom adults think doesn't know much about explicit content but fortunately they are pros at it.....


    A helpless specimen or creature who reads 7 different books in 7 different months due to 7 different change in government scheme...

  • doozy_dime 4w

    Silver and green
    That's how our flags gleam
    We will capture your heart
    Oh it's just a start

    Ambitious and cunning
    Yes we are stunning
    Our founder could speak paseltongue
    In our dungeon his glories are sung

    Serpent is our sigil
    So what? Don't vigil
    Striving for best is not a flaw
    Well this is bit same to Ravenclaw

    Don't be jealous we have Severus Snape
    Charming personality with those Cape
    Merlin prince of enchanters
    Is Slytherin and our mentor

    Resourceful and shrewd
    We are determined, dude
    Yes we have pride
    That's why we never subside

    Agree or not
    Everyone has got
    Bit of Slytherin
    In their thought.

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  • doozy_dime 4w

    In serene beauty
    Of darkness one with ordeal
    Found hope of goodwill...

  • doozy_dime 6w

    Let me tell you I know the smartest witch of her age
    I also have someone whom we call our king sometimes
    I know a boy who lived
    Who once lived in the cupboard under the stairs
    And also you know who
    I know a pair of hilarious and amazing twin
    And also an elf who is free
    I know a poltergeist who doesn't spare anyone
    And also the coolest headmaster of universe
    I know a half gaint who is most empathetic to all
    And also an innocent Godfather who is best of all
    I know the most confident and powerful red head witch
    Who is the daughter of most amazing motherly figure to all
    Also I know a boy who had no choice and choose dark side under threat
    I know a smart warewolf who is kindest of all
    And also a rat faced friend who betrayed them all
    I know a boy who is best in herbology and have a toad as pet
    Also I know a dreamy girl who believes things have a way of coming back to us
    I know a man who is epitome of true love and yet life isn't fair to him
    They all are around me
    I can see them
    That's why I know I'm not dreaming

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    The Wizarding World

    I know a boy who lived
    Who is the choosen one
    I know the smartest witch of her age
    With her beautiful bushy hairs
    I also know someone whom we call our king
    Yes I know the golden trio...

  • doozy_dime 7w

    Here 'he' is for all men and boys while 'she' is for all women and girls

    He eats before her
    And she can't even whisper
    He gets food more
    While she get enough
    to just chew never more
    He plays late outside
    And goes on rides with pride
    While she is tied to work downside
    Unsatisfied and is called undignified
    He doesn't change his name
    But her surname doesn't remains the same
    He is made to go school
    While she learn home rules
    He get education
    She learns to live under dictation
    He gets every fool's paradise
    With her sacrifice
    His wishes are fulfilled
    with her compromise
    He can come home late
    But she can't cross the gate
    He get paid for his job
    And she didn't even receive a penny
    He decides family's good
    But She doesn't have a
    voice Even though she should
    He decides whom to marry
    While she's forced to marry like it's ordinary
    His name is on father's will
    But she could not say a word but stay tranquil
    He is welcomed home with thrill
    While In the hospital she's killed
    These are small things which are unheard
    Which She suffers everyday without a word
    She is silent
    That's her fault
    No more silence
    Against inequality
    Because these small things which
    goes unheard and is the reason she suffers more in future, which leads to violence and discrimination now she won't keep calm against any harrassment
    Inequality starts from family first fight against that....
    Don't keep calm...

    @mirakee @readwriteunte @soulwriters @writerstolli @jeniayn @writersnetwork #pod

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    It starts from home

    Small things which are unheard
    Which She suffers everyday without a word
    She is silent
    That's her fault
    No more silence
    Against inequality

  • doozy_dime 7w

    It's foolishness to think that women will forgive and forget easily...
    Don't mess with a women...
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @jeniayn @writerstolli @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @bluepuppy01

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    stop terrorisng women
    With your penis as weapon
    Because maybe you find it
    the reason for your superiority
    but don't forget it's also
    the most gentle part
    of your body and her knee
    is enough to make sure
    you loose your so called

  • doozy_dime 7w

    Learn to respect

    You blame me
    You claim me
    You frame me
    You shame me
    You aim me
    You defame me
    You misname me
    You maim me
    You set aflame me
    You rename me
    After that you call me
    Unpure and immuture
    Learn to respect her
    She is not something to conquer
    Don't force her out of her naiveness
    To make your life lightless..

  • doozy_dime 7w

    Kamla Bhasin is one the best inspiration one could have.. her books and poems are so captivating and informative. Here are some extract from her books(Understanding gender, exploring masculinity, what is patriarchy?) And interview...

    To be considered equal to men
    Women have to be twice as good as men
    ......... fortunately that's not difficult

    Women's place is in the house that is why they should be in both houses of parliament

    History is his story
    To get a complete picture of world
    We also need her story

    Family needs partners
    Not lords and masters..

    If a woman can cook
    So can a man
    Because woman doesn't cook with her

    Families are too fragile to handle
    Insensitive and macho men

    Peace zone
    No violence in the home

    Gender equality is not just a women's issue..
    It's a people's issue!

    We respect men
    Who respect women!

    Men of quality are not afraid of equality

    We need a movement of men towards family kitchen..

    I know enough women who are totally patriarchal, who are totally anti-women, who do nasty things with other women and I have known enough men who have worked for women's rights their whole life, feminism is not biological it's an ideology..

    When I am raped, people say I have lost my Honor. How did I lose my Honor? My Honor is not in my vagina. It is a patriarchal idea that my rape will defile the Honor of my community. I'd like to tell everyone, why did you place your community's Honor in a women's vagina? We never did that. It is the rapist who loses his Honor, we don't.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writerstolli @jeniayn

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    Kamla Bhasin

    Gender equality
    is not just a
    women's issue..
    It's a people's issue!