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  • dopeshope 2w


    The child waited for the rainbow since always, all those tales made him very curious. Unfortunately he couldn't see it yet.
    And then someone exclaimed 'Rainbow looks so beautiful'.
    He rushed to see what he was waiting for sometime now.
    Unable to see the beautiful piece he was quite confused and sad both.
    Born with color blindness, there was nothing he could have done.

  • dopeshope 5w

    What the odds couldn't do, beauty with brain did.
    Servilia, the women who had it all!!

  • dopeshope 9w

    Poor past!!

    The sage accepted the prostitutes invitation, he entered her home and stayed with her for next three days.
    They came out together fourth day and left for a new land, a new venture.
    Locals in that area raised eyebrows since the time sage accepted her invitation, so when they left the crowd abused him, labelled him as a disgrace to which he just smiled. No one knew what happened in these three days however they were quite sure somehow that he deserved insult.
    Strange it was as the new land the sage visited he was given more respect and she was no more treated like a prostitute. It was not about the past anymore for her but the current actions of her. She gave in to his wisdom after all, in those three days but that was unknown to people who already had passed their verdict about them.
    So is the past really that important or it's just the mindset? Well for the sage none mattered, may be that is why he was considered one. No explanations, no complaints he was just happy enough to add one more disciple in his group!

  • dopeshope 13w


    He never wanted to hurt her it just happened,
    He left the scene and she sat there saddened.
    Standing at the crossroads he knew which one is safe,
    He took the other one, such illusions of being brave.
    Staying safe was his last promise to her,
    So she took the safer route and unknowingly moved towards the schur!!

  • dopeshope 13w

    The Mad king!

    They called him the Mad King. He was for sure, conqueror of the conquerors, driven by only and only his decisions.
    The counsel was there yes but mere to spectate, he listened to everyone but only heeded one who agreed with his own decisions.
    It rained like never before, roads flooded, shelter ruined. And there he was sipping wine by the hands of his concubine watching his kingdom.
    Lost in pleasure his eyes stopped at something other than the treasure of her body, a small shelter.
    A women dressed in rags, carrying a tiny life and holding the hand of another who struggled to adjust in that space. He wanted to know why they were not using the space efficiently, he wasn't moved by their condition but their choice.
    Dressed in his robe he ended up right there and he saw what the height of his palace obstructed, body of a man. Without questions he knew the reason behind their decision.
    The body of bread winner lying down and the rain left no wood dry for the funeral. They never owned a home so an open shelter became their saviour.
    Designed by the best architect in world Mad king had his palace decorated with masterpieces of wood.
    A sudden order to crumble structures just made people say louder how Mad he was.
    The royal guest room occupied by unknown people made people prove their point about his insanity.
    The funeral done and the homeless given shelter, he drank himself to the fullest, made him enjoy his concubine even more. Madness, just pure madness but then he was the Mad king.
    Madness is not always bad said the raconteur decades later, when he wasn't there to hear something good about him for just once in his lifetime!

  • dopeshope 13w

    Take a halt!

    Eyes hurting and head spinning he laid down,
    Opening the eyes in a while he found her behaving like a clown,
    Seeing the child he smiled again,
    While for a change was resting his brain.
    The drunken master fell sound asleep one more time,
    Nothing disturbing his sleep neither a nightmare nor a chime.

  • dopeshope 13w

    The labyrinth

    He used to cry for visiting labyrinth, every weekend that was his only favorite destination. The little boy tried to remember the path but never succeeded. But that never diminished his love for the monument.
    Boy turned teenager and gradually into a man. His love for labyrinth never faded away, it just transformed.
    She became her labyrinth and he was lost like an infant, he tried to memorise the pattern, worked hard to understand the algorithm of feelings but nothing worked.
    Well it wasn't something new he was accustomed to it since childhood after all, the only difference was the missing hand of his father that he could hold in times of fear. There was no more the face that made him believe everything will be fine while he was terrified.
    He chose to keep this labyrinth of his a secret after all, if only he had any idea what it'll cost him!!

  • dopeshope 13w


    हर इश्क मुक्कमल होता तो कम होते इस जहां मे शायर,
    और हर साथी हमसफर होता तो क्यु ही बनता कोई कायर?

  • dopeshope 13w


    जब इश्क से है मिला,
    फिर दर्द से क्या गिला,
    इस दर्द मे जिंदगी खुशहाल है....

  • dopeshope 13w

    The two sides

    Whole village danced and feasted, celebrated the rain with all their heart. After all it brought a promise for better crops. It rained heavily and they enjoyed it even more fiercely.
    Seperated by a thin road was another village. No lights, no songs, not a trace of happiness but the screams, sound of people mourning the loss of loved ones.
    Thr rain that made people rejoice in one half was followed by the thunderstorm that ended the lives of a dozen in the other side of that road.
    Something that bought one person joy wrapped someone else in blanket of grief. Everything has two sides, sometimes we just don't see it maybe.