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  • dragonfox3 9w

    The Bigger Picture

    You want to paint like picasso,
    But you're afraid,
    The words you said will taint the paint
    on the picture,
    Then not a word,you're no saint,
    So why bother saying,
    Words thats gonna taint the paint.

    Paint and don't go the extra mile,
    to taint your picture thats been made through many tries,
    Your picture,your prize,
    So be proud and smile,
    Yours works fine,
    So be nice.

  • dragonfox3 12w

    Thoughtful words

    Sorry about today,
    I just have a lot say,
    My head is on replay,
    Thinking back, slipping back
    To the times and moments,
    That hurt,
    That broke,
    My living sanity,
    This isn't a complain i swear,
    Just the words pouring out
    of a broken mind,
    Moping,loathing and reminiscing,
    Cause there's no comfort
    floating about,
    No light for my darkness,
    No love for my hate,
    All I see is nothing left,
    To stop the pain like rain,an agony,
    A cold hearted touch of reality,
    So good night, sleep tight and
    wait for the moments to fade by.

  • dragonfox3 18w

    Hi, bye,
    A gentle goodbye,
    Leaving me behind,
    In the gentle light,
    The cold moonlight.

  • dragonfox3 18w

    She said she's leaving,
    As she smiled happily,
    I too smiled,
    Filled with lies,
    As I cried alone,silently.

  • dragonfox3 18w

    Crocodile Tears

    Cry with a smile,
    Your heart holds lies,
    A lier in sight,
    Welling tears to fake fears,
    As a web is spun,
    To end your run

  • dragonfox3 18w

    Twisted Guilt

    We sit back,
    At nights moping,
    As our past crimes
    are calling us to see,
    The damage done,
    The chaos that will
    never cease,

    Are we guity?

    Do we feel bad,
    Repeating the crimes,
    Already done,
    Causing terror to mirror,
    The pain we faced,
    Crying and weeping?
    Who are you fooling,
    I can see you smile,
    Watching the destruction
    you started,
    To brew endless pain.

  • dragonfox3 24w

    Birthday Sacrifice

    My birthday is a day,
    I long to forsake,
    A day of celebration
    that has led to dismay.

    My birthday is a day
    of nothing,
    Thanks to you,
    As your birthday was nothing,
    I guess mine should too.

    My birthday is just a day,
    So it's alright,I'll be fine,
    I'll just wait for another year,
    If you don't have a birthday,
    I won't have a birthday,
    All for you my loving sister.

  • dragonfox3 25w

    Sweet colours roaming about,
    Gives life and splendour to
    the world about,
    Watch the world as it spins around,
    As the colours enchant us
    with their wonders roaming about

  • dragonfox3 25w

    A true generation

    Gold are the the ages of old,
    Told by the people of old,
    Cold they are the ways of the old,
    What holds in the hearts of the old,
    Unfold the loving warmth
    of the loving old,
    Mold and create for the new age,
    The untold,the unknown ages anew,
    Where the times still seek,
    The golden age of old and new,
    A generation thats true.

  • dragonfox3 26w

    Signs of the winter calling

    White drops of snow,
    Winters turn in tow,
    As the water flows,
    Yet there is no
    boats that row,
    As the ice has froze,
    The water that once flowed,
    As the birds crow,
    How the sky is cold,
    And thats when you know,
    When winter is in tow.