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  • dreamyhead 2w

    Ego and self respect

    I miss our tea shop gossips ,
    I miss our eye contacts which we used as a mode of communication to mock on friends.
    I miss yours and my name to be taken together in each class just like jay and veeru...
    I miss how both of us were crazy for food,
    I miss how restless we felt when a single day passed without having fun together.....
    I feel so strange today, see it's been one year we have stopped talking and it's like plethora of memories shooting in my head ...
    Don't you miss me or its your ego that's holding you back...
    Should I use my self respect as a shield to your ego and strengthen the barrier of silence between us or should I wait and see the roots of friendship die in lack of concern .....
    It's tough to watch what we nurtured to die every second .....
    I miss you but I hate your ego I wish you Will read this one day!

  • dreamyhead 2w

    In the world filled with poison Will you be my antidote!


  • dreamyhead 6w

    A lane of memories!

    After 5 years of separation for the first time I gathered all the courage in me and visited the place where we used to meet,
    it was commemorating the jolly meetings of us, the cute talks, and of course your abstruse concepts of life which you wanted to teach me ,
    it was all there just a little dusted,
    your absence has parched the zeal which I had towards life, I remember how invigorated we felt after holding hands as if the whole universe wanted us to rejoice and dance to the rhythm of life,
    I remember how I revered you and your infallible concepts of life....
    I miss you a little more today ❤️

  • dreamyhead 8w

    Mai jee liya
    Mai gira utha mai lada mara
    Haar ghat ka pani pee liya
    Yar mere mai jee liya
    Kuch duniya ki bate mujhe jhanjhore hai
    Kuch apno ki baate mujhe khadede hai
    Mai pyr kisi se karta tha vo aakasmat hi tanha kar gaya
    Jevan se man ab bhar gaya
    Mai jee liya bas jee jiya

  • dreamyhead 8w


    I am so done with humans that I have started communicating with plants and trust me they are better

  • dreamyhead 8w

    Worst first love experience!

    I would have gifted you roses but you pricked so many thorns in me that it took me years to get them off me,
    I would have kissed you one last time but you disgusted the hell out of me by reminding me how ugly I am
    I would have been there when people mocked about your height but you bullied me and gave me deeper wounds
    I would have held your hands till eternity but you loved philandering
    I tried every fucking way to fix things but you were an immature dumbass
    And I was an idiot trying to mend you instead of abandoning you.......

  • dreamyhead 9w


    If your husband ain't helping you on your first day of periods,
    If your boyfriend ain't comforting you in your pms,
    If your relationship makes you feel ugly or indefinite,
    If the person you love abuses you or disrespects you,
    If their toxic mindset hinders your growth or suffocates you,
    Don't you fucking adjust,teach them how to behave and if not move out of it and cut them off...
    you deserve better!

  • dreamyhead 9w



  • dreamyhead 9w

    A state of wordgasm

    It is probably a state where the whole imaginative world of yours become proactive
    It yearns to be belched out of your head and to be inked onto a paper
    Like the unstable cations crave anions for bonding the words in the head yearn to be moulded in to rhymes, stories and lullabies
    They circumspect all the possible ways to emit out of you,
    Anxiety will encompass you and the mind gets inundated with plethora of ideas, new situations are formed and with all the ingenuity you spring them off your head on a paper
    And that's how a wordgasm culminate.......

  • dreamyhead 10w

    May be this time!

    Standing under a lamp post all by myself, its drizzling i could see,
    I have a torch in one hand and umbrella in another, I got to find my way,, this time maybe the correct one!
    Its been half an hour since I am fondering its getting dark and the rains are turning heavy, stormy winds were hauling and roaring to its greatest extent and I could see the trees dangling and swinging
    maybe they are asking me to run, run till you get your path and run till you get content
    finally I stepped forward with all the courage I had, I know I have chosen wrong paths and I could remember the agony I had with the thorns they beholded
    but this time may be I get the path of petals just in case I chose the right way❤️