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  • dresmith298 3d

    In My Feelings

    I feel sick and lonely

    So broken promises couldn't fix me

    Love plays games so I had to quit

    Somebody who bet it all on nobody's

    If a heart breaks in half does it make a sound

    When emotions are soundless

    I'm crying on the inside

    Cause outside I'm smoking

    Trying to get so high I reach the stars

    Like it's only one to make a wish

    Before my feelings erase the thoughts of you

  • dresmith298 1w

    Too Deep

    I'm afraid to love

    Cause I might love to hate you

    I might be in my feelings

    But love ain't a break through

    It just makes to halves

    Like danger and risk

    Cause there's decoys looking like rewards

    Some trophies can't be made to wife

    Even if the numbers say you're bound to win

    How long can a heart play the lotto

    If losing don't seem fair

  • dresmith298 1w

    Issues with Issues

    I've got trust issues

    That why I won't ask you to stay

    Trying to solve for my ex's

    The problem is all these texts messages

    Sort by connections in disconnections

    Hello are you still there

    Just checking if love is still here

    I can fall in love again

    But I'd rather you care first

    And tell me when it hurts

    So if you break I can put back pieces

    Instead missing more of me

    Lets make love the outcome

    And not our down fall

  • dresmith298 1w


    Tonight let's settle one wish

    You're in my thoughts and now you're here

    I think you're gonna need a shower

    Cause you're dirty my dear

    Playing in my head

    I hope you found the safe word

    You're looking dangerous

    And I'm a bad boy for life

    Loving me might be a consequence

    What do you have better to do

    Or maybe I should ask who

  • dresmith298 1w

    Thoughts in the Dark

    Just give me 3 wishes

    And I'll make them all about you

    I'm living in my head

    Hearing things that go unsaid

    I'm suppose to be scared

    But I love too

    I'm an open book with no words

    Touch on me to read Braille emotions

    Cause I was blinded by love

    Was it fairy tales or memories

    What does it take to remember me

  • dresmith298 2w

    What's Right and Wrong

    I hate it when I'm right

    So please let me be wrong

    That this won't take long

    Before you go breaking my heart

    Cause your love is a God given talent

    And I'm trying to be gifted

    You can tell me that I'm wrong

    But it better if this feels right

  • dresmith298 2w

    Tell Me Something

    Trying to find love before it's all over

    Can I be your one

    If only for a moment in time

    As written in your heart's book

    Our love sounds like hoop dreams

    Can I see your finger like it has a good ring to it

    Does it ever come off if love never leaves

  • dresmith298 3w


    If actions speak louder than words
    Then let's act on emotions
    Like you keep the lights on
    Cause you'll afraid I'll sneak into your ❤
    But it's not breaking and entering
    If you heart belongs with me
    And today I am the key
    As I close the love behind me

  • dresmith298 3w

    Brain Vs Heart

    I'm into deep
    Like my heart won't let go
    And my brain feels off about it
    All this time spent arguing
    We start smashing for my heart break
    Living in the past tense
    Like it's your love that can't be
    Cause really I've been sharing mine
    Cause it seems like that's all you take
    Just to give me back suffering

  • dresmith298 3w


    I don't know who I am anymore

    Even if I know who I want to be

    I forget how to feel

    So I erased my feelings

    Now I'm overdosing on emotions

    Is that why I'm overwhelmed with love again

    How do I really know you love me

    When I can't even do the same thing