started to write to help release my past

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  • droneking 4h

    Will I??

    I let you in after you broke down the

    wall I had up telling me your fed up

    tired of this and that but never trying

    to fix it just complain making harder

    rain both of us on the brink of going

    insane from all this fresh pain,

    things left unsaid saying too much

    at times it's like when we connect

    we connect but when we don't it's

    nothing but lies leaving the lips and

    desire floating away cuz moments

    are quickly gone with the wind now

    I'm forever chasing the wind trying

    to go back to the first kiss first hug I

    miss first I love you first laugh first

    everything nothing but shooting

    stars when I'm staring off in space

    this broken hearted clown must be

    bad cuz the good die young no air in

    my lungs cuz my breath of fresh air

    walked away with no warning now

    back to square one all by myself

    number one but feeling nothing like

    the one praying to the sky will I ever

    find the one

  • droneking 4h

    Calm before the storm

    Baby I love you more than life itself I can't even take care of myself

    Without you in my life time stops and everything is put on the backshelf

    Your heart I used to call my home and your ectasy made me lose control

    Now in the aftermath of all the debris I couldn't control

    Bleeding eyes and silent days thinking about laugh and smile

    Move any mountain or bumpy road I would walk every mile

    Together we made each other stronger and healing each other's scars

    You where my galaxy lit up with beautiful stars

    Will this painful memories ever be done filling memory lane

    Cuz I'm tired of Tina dancing in the vein

    I wish you were here to take away all my pain

    Nothing but storms in my head with alot of hard rain

  • droneking 5h

    Left my side

    Driving myself insane thinking about lost happy moments with you

    So sick with your love your something similar to the flu

    Baby you gave me the best and the worst of times of my life

    I could've swore looking into the future I seen you in my life

    Picked me up when I wore a frown smirked wearing your crown

    Now this book of my life added another broken hearted chapter from this broken hearted

    Trying to drink my thoughts away cuz in the night I hear you saying" I love you with all my might "

    Another lost angel flying blind throughout the night

    Looking around I don't see you around

    Swinging at nothing in the air screaming with no sound

    Broken hearted falling to pieces cuz my other half left me

    If it wasn't for a promise to a little girl I would leave this earth I guarantee

    Left picking up the pieces I'm on my knees crying in the aftermath

    Why could this love boat couldn't have went another path

    Now nothing but moments of happiness I paid with alot of lonely crying nights

    Give anything to go back and change the outcome of all our fights.

  • droneking 10h

    Worse than

    Lost in thoughts in memory lane thinking about past pain

    Not wanting to deal with reality Tina flows through the vein

    Freezing my heart putting ice in my veins

    These things weighing me down will I ever get to break these chains

    Living in the dark is starting to be my nature

    Shots of liquid courage to mash down on the accelerator

    Hitting fast lane with no hands on the wheel

    Pain and agony, I will be soon all I ever feel

    Cuz this demon in my ear always wants more

    Till my trainwreck of a life is worse than before


  • droneking 10h


    Dancing with the devil on a pale moon night

    Tiptoeing the edge of life till rock bottom is in sight

    From crashing in the fast lane tina in the driver's seat running
    on fumes

    My darkside standing over my inner child and looms

    More wrong than right has been cuz of my bad sides decisions

    I'm a walking disaster looking for any on coming collisions

    Love and happiness have been like a weekend dad rarely seen

    These painful memories I shoot off and unload the magazine

    Till my loved ones and responsibilities are put on
    the back shelf

    Trying to find myself I lost myself now standing all by myself


  • droneking 1d


    If these walls could talk they would

    spill nothing but pain and anger, my

    inner kid is something of a stranger

    Never a care in the world looking in

    the eye of danger one of kind a

    game changer ,face rearanger ride

    solo so call me the lone ranger

    Pain and agony fill my veins that are

    iced over from Tina's desires, falling

    to Rock bottom believing pipe

    dreams from a fallen angels venom

    an lie chip on my cold shoulder as I

    scream silently in the wind swinging

    at nothing in the air cuz thinking life

    isn't fare tiptoeing the edge of life

    without a care this bad apple will

    never have someone to make a pair

    What now my world has collapsed

    and broken to pieces this broken life

    has been anything but peaches

    giving nothing but broken promises

    bloodline of royalty and savages

    Tina,mary and liquid courage are my

    favorite vices looking into the heat

    of the night and I hear my demons


  • droneking 1d

    Ups and downs

    These ups and downs are starting to

    feel like nothing but a nosedive off

    the edge of life all I do is step on

    cracks tipping over mirrors looking

    at my reflection it's broken to pieces

    empty inside from spilling my guts

    to deaf ears promise this and that

    but people never follow through like

    a jump shot these broken chapters

    from a sadden have not life's a bitch

    and always on the rag karma's her

    cousin depression is the mother

    and I've dated all them on a regular

    basis hitting rock bottom listening

    to pipe dreams from a angel in

    disguise she was just satan's angel

    trying to go through life looking at

    every angle but the forks in the road

    make me crash on the learning

    curve back on the road of regret is

    all I know Tina flows through the

    nose because covering pain instead

    of dealing with it is all I know

    reaching the top of greatness who



  • droneking 2d

    Ever felt

    All I've ever felt was pain and anger all my life

    Never could find anyone to help me through all this struggle
    and strife

    More downs than ups the only way up

    Is too overfill my cup with Tina seems like the only way up

    From the dirty south is where I'm from screaming and cussing from a dirty mouth

    Constantly smoking on the stuff that gives you cotton mouth

    Hitting the fast lane trying to find someone to play chicken

    Numbing any pain from a man made addiction

    This rollercoaster of life is about to crash and its not it's last

    Because this fallen angel lives in the past


  • droneking 2d

    Faded show

    On my way to the high road to meet tina cuz she's running through my thoughts

    Happiness I will have not cuz I'm a have not

    Living life on the edge of life walking the tight rope of life with no safety net

    Life's a bitch just make sure she's always a brunette

    Liquid courage to drown out all the fear i keep in memory lane

    Heart covered in ice cuz i let Tina flow through my vein

    Pain and anger make my darkside come out

    Running from pain he drinks till he blacks out

    Will there be any kind of hope for this fallen angel

    Havoc and destruction is guaranteed from this bad apple

    Broken homes and broken homes made this broken hearted

    Shots to the dome till my sorrows i begin to drown


  • droneking 2d

    Storms in the forecast

    As I sit here and spill my guts feeling

    empty inside there's a rage inside

    that's filling my soul up my cup

    runneth over hate and pain storms

    and hard rain cuz I'm in the fast lane

    searching for fast pain crashing

    in the lane standing in my

    house of pain on the brink of going

    insane I let open my vein and let

    Tina dance through my vein cuz I

    love the rain