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  • droni_gudivada__ 10w


    No one likes 'cabbage'
    It becomes delicious 'Manchurian'
    In the same way ,
    No one likes if u stay how you are.....
    Become as the people whom u talk to,
    And throw their own shit on their face.

  • droni_gudivada__ 11w

    Enough is enough!!

    Now i am stopping getting attached more for you,
    I am Going to bring back all those people into my life
    Who always wanted to talk to me
    The people whom i ignored.
    Because i felt them now!

  • droni_gudivada__ 11w

    When u have may people to talk,
    No one to listen to you.

    Nothing can be more worse than this.

  • droni_gudivada__ 12w

    Just imagine....
    If this spreads,
    through air
    Through food we take
    Through water we drink
    Any thing that we touch

    Okay now stop imagining

    God have some grace on us

    Now shut up
    Stay home
    Stay safe

  • droni_gudivada__ 12w

    A silent one side lover!!

    I love you!
    U love her!

    U kept telling me about your love on her.
    I kept telling myself about my love for you.

    U kept hated her ignorance,
    .and still love her.
    I kept loved your ignorance,
    And kept loving you more.

    U kept dreaming of her,
    Without you in her dreams.
    I kept dreaming of you,
    Without I in your dreams.

    She ignored you,
    You loved her.
    I never ignored,
    even when you ignore me.

    People called me mad,
    What the hell....
    I still kept loving you.

    Hope you feel the intensity of my love.

    U will never know.

  • droni_gudivada__ 13w

    I think...
    it is time for me,
    To turn towards the person,
    who gives importance for me.
    The person whom i give importance .

  • droni_gudivada__ 14w

    Nuv nathone vundali ani nenu ananu...
    Natho vundu!

    Nuv nathone matladali ani nenu ananu...
    Natho matladu!

    Nuv nakey kavali ani nenu ananu...
    Nuv naku kavali!!

  • droni_gudivada__ 14w


    Eppudu vasthundhooo..
    Endhuku vasthundhooo.....
    Ela vasthundhooo......
    Nak asala ardamey kani vishayam.....

    Appude ardamaindhi,

    Eppudu ante?
    Nuv natho levu ani gurthuvachinappudu

    Endhuku ante?
    Nuv natho vunna rojulu gurthuvachinappudu

    Ela ante?
    Deeniki mathram samadhanam na deggara ledhu.

    Adhi na kalla nunchi vasthundhoo....
    Manasu nunchi vasthundhooo telidhu!

  • droni_gudivada__ 14w

    I don't know why...
    At the moment,
    I want someone to sit beside me,
    Look into my water filled eyes,
    And ask me....tell out to me from the start.

  • droni_gudivada__ 14w

    Okay enough of showing your love...
    Keeping all ego aside... !
    Its time, for your self respect.
    Stop begging.!!!
    If they are willing to talk.....
    They will always find a way but not excuses.