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  • dropburr 20w


    What is this feeling that builds in me.
    Balloons tied to my heart carrying it freely.
    Soul dancing around it understanding what it means to be happy.
    Brain focusing on freedom not just custody.
    Is this what dancing in the stars is like.
    To everyone I'm grounded to me I'm a kite.
    Looking at old battles no longer in the fight.
    Intention clear this all seems perfectly right.
    The fall would be intense but I believe in the gust.
    Not because I have to or I must.
    It came so naturally this vast amount of trust <3

  • dropburr 21w


    For the first time I wasn't searching ,everything I looked for left my soul hurting.
    My emotions for years have been sadly churning ,leaving my heart a beaten battleground stuck burning.
    So I focused on me for the first time.
    Not looking for a rythm or a rhyme.
    Just calmly collected me from a wreckage I thought would surely sink me.
    Thinking of what was and what could be.
    Until the thoughts ceased, why should i be sad I'm here aren't i? I exist I never waved my last goodbye. Woe was me was stomped out I stopped asking why.
    Living my days as happy as I could.
    Telling myself why not no longer if i should.
    Suddenly fear is gone a load immensely lightened,
    Those eyes a staggering blue different from mine but just as frightened.
    Staring into them mine widened,
    For I now realize we were both blindsided.

  • dropburr 22w

    It seems sorta scary.
    How you seem to ensnare me.
    This new life I'm trying to acclimate.
    My heart and soul you all to easy captivate.
    Destiny told me I would never move on.
    From what was, the old me seems so far gone.
    Crushed, used, beaten for false fun.
    One night is all it took.
    To tear out the pages of this old book.
    Please beautiful pen dont run out of ink.
    For all I wish is to know what you think.
    These worn pages to you a mystery your story not printed.
    Future not yet determined to me all light is tinted.
    Walking blindly darkness fills the void.
    Will you be the sun to light my way or the fire to leave what's left destroyed.
    Thoughts pulsing heart gently beating.
    Nothing made more sense until after our meeting.

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  • dropburr 64w


    Words have defined many things.
    Yet can never fully describe my feelings.
    Twisty turny never making sense.
    Inside I am a whirlwind outside slightly tense.
    Maybe there will be a day we can all feel eachother completely.
    These emotions wont be so messy but fitted so neatly.
    On a side note do these words have less impact cause they come from me.
    If I spoke words of truth would it be nothing cause im not your cup of tea.
    Perhaps they would swoon you if to your standard I was pretty.
    I'm but a stranger so fit me where need be.
    I could be feirce as the ocean unpredictable as a storm.
    Shy as you want or leaving you always wanting more.
    I'm just a blank canvas many experiences away from a masterpiece.
    To everyone different and whatever you want me to be.
    This poem erratic not thought out and everywhere.
    Just like me but I love to share.

  • dropburr 64w


    Flower girl living a dream.
    Has beauty aplenty but stuck behind self esteem.
    Love for you is without measure and shouldnt be cut short by physical pleasure.
    I admit ive fallen for the same.
    I felt mad but it always ended in shame
    I just hope you see.
    My love for you is deeper then I could ever be.

  • dropburr 65w


    Feelings so deep of red of tearing.
    Fears so shallow of cutting and wearing.
    We're meant to be us but I'm to much for this place.
    What id do to be me would leave this world a bitter taste.
    So I bite my lip blood tasting stale.
    Look in the mirror at that psychotic smile on a face so pale.
    I wont make it far in this world with my sanity intact.
    Itd be even shorter for me if i left my deathly impact.
    So with these thoughts ill take my leave.
    Remember all my shallow wisps to have a memorable hallows Eve.

  • dropburr 66w


    Sit and think take a drag.
    My worries never shrink I feel sad.
    My whole world is teetering on the brink but I'm not mad.
    Eyes that have seen the demons love the present.
    That view all worth keeping and is so pleasant.
    Is always silently weeping in search of any suppressant.
    Your pain holds you tight in your sweet wallows embrace.
    For this love is bright though leaves the bitterest taste.
    So please angel of light take me with you away from this place.
    The lights out breathing out death.

  • dropburr 76w


    I love you strong I love you true kinda like love you more but times two.
    You Hate when your things are touched or moved  thats okay i only want to touch you.
    Yes were both broken and that's the sad truth but im sure that were eachothers glue.
    So my light my future my love what would you say.
    If i wanted forever for our souls to play.
    Throughout the night into the day.
    That you have painted bright after I drew it grey.
    So pull me close and breathe my essence in a way that tells me  that is okay. <3

  • dropburr 76w


    Unhealthy as it may be.
    I find myself turning into my surroundings slowly.
    Scars for those to judge so cruely.
    When love is what i wish to speak fluently.
    This life i posses I dont wish to keep.
    Only to restart so things can go differently.
    So finally these thoughts could cease and my soul can be set free.

  • dropburr 79w


    Tensions flare .
    On a relationship withstanding a lifetime so it doesnt seem fair.
    That youd give and leave no room to care.
    Teach those to leave anger hanging in the air.
    Theres love that runs deeper then i know.
    Once those dear have now become foes.
    Why? Possession of some earth where the breeze blows.
    To stuck in the soil of history.
    Not leaving how it is to those close to mystery.
    I hope the day comes you stop following bits and pieces of a belief.
    But all of the love that was once preached.
    The day hate is no longer in the air I'll breathe it for a sigh of relief.