i write to keep my soul in my body aim to leave my name before i leave this world i love to write quotes on love,enjoy this life @drunken_pen_#Mysore

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  • drunken_pen 12h


    No matter how close
    you are to a person
    When it comes to survival
    Their life is always the first priority!!

  • drunken_pen 1w


    Everytime I reserved place
    For you in my heart but
    You remained in my search history !!

  • drunken_pen 1w


    You will never understand a person
    Who waits for your birthday whole year
    So that they can text you !!

  • drunken_pen 3w

    The real you !!

    When you sit next window
    While traveling, You turn into
    Curious kid, the real you !!
    And the age doesn't matter

  • drunken_pen 3w

    When people get frustrated they utter this lines often. Life is not fair !! But my question is why life has to be fair ?? Why only good things should happen for a person ?? Why good things should happen only for a person who do good ?? Is there any law ?? Universal law ?? Or universal book, which decides good and bad ?? No right ?? .....please don't expect life to be fair everytime because life is not designed to work in that way !! Life being fair and unfair is purely random and no one exactly controls it !! If you do good to a Person that's ok, good job but don't expect something good in your life just because you did some good work to other person !! Just learn to accept the beautiful life the way it is !!
    Thank you for reading ❤️
    Thank you for your time ❤️

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    "Life is not fair" and
    It doesn't have to be
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  • drunken_pen 3w


    I don't believe in
    Possible or impossible
    I believe in
    I can or I can't !!!

  • drunken_pen 3w

    I know !!

    I am not the Moon which you search for but I am the star which battles to prove its existence !!

  • drunken_pen 3w

    Simple !!

    I write for same reason
    Why you breathe

  • drunken_pen 3w


    One thing about writers is
    They don't write to impress people
    But they are making a beautiful profile
    Which introduces to people who they are
    And what they are !!

  • drunken_pen 4w

    Please !!

    Take care of yourself
    Because you will be bored of this
    Materialistic world one day !!