Arundhati Chitnis The wanderer with wierd thoughts and a pure heart.. ❤❤

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  • duendediarist 1w

    We don't understand the things which are important to our heart until those are tried to be snatched away..
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 7w

    Search for someone,
    Who would love you for who you are,
    Not for the colour of your skin, your body, and your looks.
    Instead find a person who would still choose to be with you knowing you are full of flaws but are still beautiful.
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 8w

    Kaha tha tumne

    Kaha tha tumne,
    Jab ek din,
    Mai dur chala jaunga,
    Tab samjhogi tum,
    Ki pyaar kya hota hai.

    Jab tu pukarke bhi,
    Mai na aao,
    Tab janogi tum,
    Meri jagah tumhare zindagi mai,
    Kaha tha tumne.

    Mai Haske,
    Andekha Kar deti thi,
    Ki shayad sach mai pyaar hai mujhe tum se,
    Shayad mujhe laga tha,
    Ki tum humesha hi rahoge mere pass.

    Magar aaj jan gayi mai,
    Kis dard ko baya karte the tum,
    Jab kehte the,
    Mujhe kisi aur ka hote dekhogi,
    Tab jite ji maar jane ka ehsas mehsus karogi tum,
    Sach kaha tha tumne.
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 10w

    I love you,
    But that doesn't mean we have to end up together..
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 11w

    He was a man from my dreams,
    But my reality needed someone else...
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 11w

    Choosing yourself isn't selfish,
    It's self care...
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 11w

    In a world full of glitter,
    Be a sunshine...
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 11w

    Enough as you are

    You were no superhero,
    For you never wore a cape.
    But you had the power,
    And the courage to escape.

    You were shattered,
    But no one knew,
    For you always managed,
    To put a smile through.

    Struggles were silent,
    And so were you,
    Yet you stood again,
    And decided to continue.

    That is the bravery,
    No one saw,
    For heros are the ones,
    In shadows who withdraw.

    But today once again,
    When you doubt the worth of your scars,
    I want to remind you,
    You are enough as you are.
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 11w

    Sometimes all you need is
    a twinkle of imagination...

    ©Arundhati Chitnis

  • duendediarist 11w

    I fell in love,
    With those eyes,
    Shining like the stars,
    From up above.

    I fell in love,
    With that smile,
    The moment I saw,
    The person so worthwhile.

    I don't know,
    If we will ever be,
    What's called,
    The meant to be.

    But some feeling,
    In my heart,
    Find the reasons,
    Of not falling apart.

    So I will just,
    Hang in there,
    Until the destiny,
    Plays it's square.

    Until then,
    You too stay,
    And let's find together,
    What the future has to say.
    ©Arundhati Chitnis

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