Sometimes I tend to lose myself when I'm out there on my own

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  • dumbasskie 2w

    Cold world out there kids grab your coats

  • dumbasskie 4w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Explore

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    Exploring every inch of myself

  • dumbasskie 4w

    Why do you want me to smile when I'm not feeling that way

  • dumbasskie 4w


    I know it's way too annoying but duhh,
    Seems as if it's has become a part of my life.

  • dumbasskie 5w

    I don't know what God is but he is telling me to slow

  • dumbasskie 12w

    She wanted to fly
    So they set her wings on fire

  • dumbasskie 12w

    She was a flower
    She was told to stand still
    and attract others
    Maybe this is not what she wanted
    But was helpless
    Gradually she started shedding
    One petal each day
    Then one day she fell
    Maybe they felt bad for her
    But the other day
    There came another bud
    And they all stood up with their troops again

  • dumbasskie 12w


    It was dark
    out at the shore
    a silent sea
    and a gibbous moon.
    But suddenly came a ferocious storm
    out of nowhere
    i tried to run
    as fast as I could
    I blinked my eye for once
    the whole place changed
    I was in a car
    looking out of the window

    There is so much inconsistency
    Yes, I'm talking about my stupid brain
    that small dark place
    Inside my skull
    where wars are going on
    maybe it's world war III
    Or world war IV
    I have no idea
    I just know there's a lot going on


  • dumbasskie 12w

    Note: this is not my story just wanted to share
    I want you guys to do the same with anyone with"battle scars"

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    Battle scars

    Little Girl: What’s on your arm?
    Me: They’re battle scars.
    Little Girl: You fought in a war?
    Me: Yeah. A long and hard one.
    Little Girl: That’s so cool! Can I get one?
    Me: No. Please do not ever get any. But I’ll tell you what. Whenever you see someone else with battle scars, I want you to hug them, okay? Can you promise me?
    Little Girl: Yes. I promise.

    A few days later we went on a short shopping spree. Suddenly the little girl let go of my hand and ran up to another random teenager.

    Teen: Why are you hugging me?
    Little Girl: Because... (*points*) you have battle scars just like my babysitter.

    The teen looked up at me, and I rolled up my sleeves to show her.
    With tears in her eyes, she said one thing to me...

    Teen: My war is far from being finished yet, but I’m not done fighting.

    She bends down at eye level with the little girl

    Teen: Thanks for giving me the strength to keep fighting. You are forever my war hero.

  • dumbasskie 13w

    Cause I'm not just a pretty girl
    #prettygirl #maggielindemann

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    Pretty girl

    Some days I'm broke, some days I'm rich
    Some days I'm nice, some days I can be a bitch
    Some days I'm strong, some days I quit
    I don't let it show, but I've been through some shit