I've still got so much love hidden beneath this skin, So darling

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  • dummyy 1d


    Legends said
    he is not an ordinary man,
    he's chosen by the God
    he has
    powers of the devil,
    sight of an angel,
    wings of a fairy,
    magic of a witch.

    Was destined to do some greater good,
    sitting ideal on a bar desk,
    drunk, feeling hopeless.

    I have his tale to tell,
    come close
    and listen with your heavy heart.

    As he said,
    everything what your world has,
    is nothing compared to what she possessed,
    she was my destiny,
    a close call,
    from heaven what i was sent for.

    Everytime I utter her name, he smiles with teary eyes.
    as I recall,
    she was the queen of mandrion,
    and he is someone everyone knows of,
    passing by from the kingdom for his own cause,
    he met her in the way he has never spoken of.

    But for some cause,
    which he is unaware of,
    he just says it's your human way,
    she died in a fiery pot,
    a sight he cannot forget,
    and because of his rage,
    mandorian is no more,
    therefore he became a legend,
    everyone is afraid of.

  • dummyy 5d

    Take me to church,
    I'll worship your god,
    I'll confess my all sins.

    I am a pagan of the old time,
    I kill for my own good,
    make sacrifices for my god.

    Bath in the bad blood,
    Funny i can be cleansed,
    with this holly spring.

    You offering a cross,
    wear and foget the old gods.
    I'll hold the cross,
    and pray in the old tongue.

    I'll confess my all sins,
    And pray holly father can bear.

  • dummyy 1w

    My eyes are a sky full of thunderstorm,
    yet not a single drop falls to carry this misery to the ground.

    Now I drown when I breath this air,
    this air of never ending thoughts
    I feel a poisonous layer on my skin,
    yet I'm unable to tear my clothes.

    I look at the sun,
    shines as bright as it could,
    hope surfaces for a while
    yet I'm unable to feel its warmth,
    for the coldness of my misdeeds surpasses
    and my body shivers when the air of sins caresses

    I look at a tree
    my mind thinks of having a fruit.
    but I'm unable to reach it
    for I'm too occupied tasting my old remorse.

  • dummyy 1w

    I wake up terrified in a sweat
    a tear in my eye
    telling myself a lie
    whispering a buzzing noise
    broken by the clouds
    been challenged by the sun
    taken down by the rain.

    I wake up terrified in a sweat
    a darkness behind
    telling myself a lie
    watching a red sign
    intends to move on
    stuck in my life.

    I wake up terrified in a sweat
    an emptiness inside
    telling myself a lie
    being sad or happy
    i say myself alive
    but this rule does not apply.

    I wake up terrified in a sweat
    a tear in my eye
    telling myself a lie
    listening to a humming noise
    shattered by the reality
    overpowered by the time
    caught in this zoogeography.

  • dummyy 3w

    I see the darkness.

    In these times of winter,
    I was on my way back home.
    saw a man sitting,
    he seemed to be a sad fellow.
    I went and stood in front of him asking if I may help,
    "there is nothing you can do" he answers.
    He took a luger out of his coat pocket,
    Put it’s muzzle in his mouth.
    before I can utter a word,
    I see the blood splattered all around.

    In these times of winter,
    I was on my way back home.
    Saw a woman standing on the edge of a cliff,
    I went and stood beside her.
    asking if she's enjoying the view,
    "yes" she whispered
    saying, "the view of the afterlife"
    before I can utter a word,
    I hear the wind,
    and see an empty end.

    In these times of winter,
    I was on my way back home.
    saw a boy on the top of a bar smoking a cigarette,
    I went and sat beside him.
    asking if he has a lighter,
    he passed one to me.
    before I can thank him,
    I see nothing next to me
    but a loud scream, maybe of his name.

    In these times of winter,
    I was on my way back home.
    saw many deaths with these naked eyes,
    darkness swinging in my mind.
    barely making through the day,
    let alone this entire life.
    this is void, an endless terror, a pure blackness, the hollow,
    or the reality we live in.

    People are sad and alone,
    make terrible choices,
    leaving regrets for the ones left behind.

  • dummyy 4w

    So now,
    My heart ache,
    Voice break,
    And i think a lot.
    As i close my eyes,
    A darkness follow,
    Waiting to open my red door,
    Behind which i saw the memories I buried a long time ago.
    All the guilt i ignore,
    Or wish to go,
    Now make me hollow.

    And i am,
    Standing at the top of a hill,
    Below is the ocean flow.
    A thought come,
    To jump and be gone.
    With these people,
    Still i cry alone.
    Spreading this love,
    Yet no one to mourn.

  • dummyy 4w

    Some poems, we hold back deep in our soul.
    Some thoughts, we keep them buried.
    Some voices, that want to break out, we shut them up.
    Some terrors, we keep behind our shunned door.

    Things we do to conceal our darkness.
    Willingly wearing a mask,
    and waving a hand in order to make a truce with this agony.
    Hiding in, from the world, for the world.
    To protect our love ones.

  • dummyy 5w

    And i was up all night, dreaming with my openeyes, dreaming about our love being alive.

    For you to come and lay next to me tonight,
    Hold my hands tight,
    Lets kiss each other for a while.

    Share our thoughts as time passes by,
    Maybe see that sun rise,
    And this how we make our long night something to put in mind.

  • dummyy 6w

    But you are always in my imagination, cause let’s face it.
    You are the most beautiful creation of the nature.

  • dummyy 6w

    I feel the darkness in never ending light.