A man with flaws and poetry

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  • duotto 3d


    So what do u miss about her today?

    I said
    Translating songs in my mother tongue
    And explaining them to her

    Trying to filled words and gaps which are lost in translation

  • duotto 6w

    You can

    You can be the most polite person
    And still get angry like anything

    You can be the most stable guy in the world
    Yet a single moment can push ur buttons

    You can be the most sane man
    And be insane about one person

    You give others life lessons
    Yet fail in yours

    You can be a lot of things to others
    And nothing to someone
    You can.

  • duotto 9w

    Over mine

    So I listened to a song and I liked it so much
    That I grabbed my phone to text how

    That how much i like this song
    And then I realized

    We have broken up
    Reminding myself to stay in one reality

  • duotto 10w


    When things are well they ask you to never let them go no matter what

    And When things got difficult
    They begged you to let them go

  • duotto 11w

    So listen

    May be we can grow up a lil
    Counter how we fight

    Learn things or two about ourselves
    And come back to each other?

    Better than before

    That's okay
    I wish you be happy anyway

  • duotto 11w


    I promise i wont let you go

    Unless things become hard
    Or when I get attention from someone else

  • duotto 12w


    Hauntingly beautiful isn't it
    How you become a better man
    Only when she left you

    And how you realise your mistakes and hers

    Regret is more powerful than gratitude

  • duotto 14w


    You weren't
    Yes I wanted u
    The right way
    And I did kiss u harder
    And I won't be sorry for it
    I wanted to seize you in that moment
    But never acquire you
    Yes I did stare at u a lil too much
    As if I am going to take ur soul away

    But u were never toy
    Deprived of you each and every day
    You deprived of me each and every day

    It drove us mad yes

    But neither of us was toy to each other

    Remember that.
    I hope u do
    I hope u understand that

  • duotto 14w


    Jab takleefe thi to tum sath thi

    Aur jab takleefe chali gayi
    To tum bhi chale gaye?


  • duotto 14w


    The tiny bit of fire
    Residue of motlen flesh

    The one which used to burn bright in us

    Needs fanning
    Once may be.

    Because in it lies
    The spark to start a forest fire

    Please don't let it drown
    Don't let the rain fizzle you down

    For its what left of us
    For its what.. Some part of us rely on