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  • dvmnegi 6w

    No matter how much we try to live together, if it is written that we cannot be together then we can never be together, but if the destination has written that we will be together, no one can separate us because marriages are made in heaven.
    © Divyam Negi

  • dvmnegi 15w

    Some people are not happy in heaven,
    Because there favourite person is missing there.
    © Divyam Negi

  • dvmnegi 16w

    Time and restraint are the same. Time increases and moderation decreases. In the same way, if God does not give fruits on time, then the sobriety decreases.
    © Divyam Negi

  • dvmnegi 17w

    I do this for you i do that for you,
    if you have to say these lines to your friend then this friendship is nothing more than a formality.
    © Divyam Negi

  • dvmnegi 18w

    Bad people are like fast food
    the more you avoid them
    the more healthier you become.

    © Divyam Negi

  • dvmnegi 19w

    You have to be numb
    to feel the music.

    Divyam Negi

  • dvmnegi 19w


    Sacrifice is not tough
    but you need the courage to do it.

    © Divyam Negi