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  • dwip_sikha 17w


    It actually means something which is cheerful or someone who is rejoicing and in a state of happiness. At that time, one is full of high-spirits, gaiety and enthusiastic. A person is in a jolly state and enjoys to the fullest.

  • dwip_sikha 17w


    It's usually that feeling which is shared like sorrow, pity and compassion for our fellow beings. Whenever we feel pity for another person, we actually are concerned about the one.Its a strong ability in which most probably we try to put ourselves in another's place and understand his feelings by identifying with them.

  • dwip_sikha 17w


    But not everyone possesses this. Most of the people are kind & compassionate. It differentiates one from his fellows. Makes a person loveable and adorable too.

  • dwip_sikha 17w


    Depicts the kindness present in a person. One shall be highly appreciated for the generosity shown. It's like a quality which we might expect in a person and probably wish we had more of.

  • dwip_sikha 18w

    That hushed tone touched her soul and changed her mindset. Now, she was more joyous than before, enthusiastic and energised. She felt herself rejuvenated by the soulful and natural tone. Started to imagine the nature, feel her surroundings and live her life.

  • dwip_sikha 18w


    An emotionally pleasant moment to cheer,
    Talk, enjoy and laugh incessantly with peers.
    Emotions, moods , satisfaction and feelings,
    Eudaimonia is laden with a deeper meaning.

    Contentment with a tint of positive wellbeing,
    A strange sensation for every human being.
    Overcomes stress, melancholy and disgust,
    In graceful and soulful tone that's hushed.

    Refreshes the mind and touches the soul,
    Soothing and relaxing are it's prime goals.
    Euphoria is an intense feeling of pleasure,
    Happiness isn't possible to measure.

  • dwip_sikha 18w


    Often helps one to motivate and work for thy self but seldom might prove dangerous as the person can blame or get fedup with thyself.
    So, it's an important determinant of one's personality which is again a prime constituent of one's life.

  • dwip_sikha 18w


    An enlightening experience in our lives,
    Teaches us to work hard, achieve and strive.
    Inculcates moral values and ethics into us,
    And in turn mannerism we do possess.

    The artistic gesture which shapes humans,
    Also instills principles which are humane.
    Being imparted in educational institutions,
    Can pave the way for great contributions.

  • dwip_sikha 18w


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    Thou shalt not be filled with thy pride,
    Can completely shatter thee far and wide,
    Might leaveth thee dearn as a cloud,
    Has't control over thy emotions ere expressing t aloud.

  • dwip_sikha 18w

    Home Sweet Home

    A domicile beautifully crafted by us,
    Allows love and kindness to surpass.
    An apartment, building, flat, or a mansion,
    Which relieves us from stress and tension.

    Occupies a place in the resident's heart,
    Often one feels melancholic to depart.
    The family is the core and soul of it,
    Home is where the heart is in a kit.

    The slightest difference can make it tough,
    The understanding can make it enough.
    A house is just four walls and a roof,
    And home with peace and warmth inside is proof.