currenty numb

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  • dyutisengupta 9w


    Sometimes, heart desires to live in a barren hearse.
    Sometimes, it begs for some love but in return it gets the corpse.
    ©dyutisengupta (A)

  • dyutisengupta 20w


    Love heals', I thought to myself looking at the capo which you had gifted to me on my seventeenth birthday.
    You had gone to attend your classes and I was missing you.
    Attaching the capo to the third fretboard of my ukulele I had started playing,
    'Manchala, manchala teri or.'
    Oh, I remember.
    I remember,
    how we rub our nose against each other's after a small fight, how we always fix it and stay.
    I remember,
    how we talk about holding each other's hand in the streets of Calcutta.
    I remember,
    all those little nag's of yours, just like a child.
    I remember everything.
    'Khamoshiyon ki suraton mein
    Dhoonde tera shor
    Dhoonde tera shor'
    I was missing you terribly.
    I closed my eyes feeling the silence,
    the gush of the gentle wind.
    I could see the countenance of your face, your eyes smiling at me brighter than they ever could.
    'Manchala Manchala teri or.'
    I sang louder and louder. But in no way could my voice fill the silence of the room.
    My first fingers brushed against the capo as I sang.
    And no matter what I did it only reminded me of you.
    ©dyutisengupta (A)

  • dyutisengupta 21w

    Amidst the light.

    Amidst the light, somewhere she lay deeply drunken in her thoughts. Amidst the light, she was, smiling like the brightest ray of sunlight that removed the curtains of an unlively dark room to peep in and notify that there was hope to live. Amidst the light, she being light, gave all hope asking for none. She knew that she was light and that light exists in darkness.

    Sometimes, she fell like the shooting star that probably fell from the trees in heaven. Sometimes, she was like a constellation drawing her feelings with asteroids on the sky. And she, lived in the galaxy of her life. She knew that she was light and that light exists in darkness.

    But, she too knew that she would be that light which would sing the lyrics of her favourite song. She knew that she would be that light which would not hide her feelings but say it all out loud. She knew that she would be that light which would define herself in her own way and would not be recognised as only light. She knew that she would be amidst light and not amidst darkness. Not anymore.
    ©dyutisengupta (A)

  • dyutisengupta 22w


    Faults, they say, cause bruises.
    Bruises I didn't want to see, on you.
    Bruises I wanted to touch, to kiss, to heal.
    So I kept aside mine yesterday asking yours, "Why?"
    Found them blankly staring at me.
    Unlike mine, they didn't speak.
    Did I know the reason of their existence?
    Gasping for breath somehow I asked them, "What is the reason?"
    They said, "Ask yourself."
    And I knew, I knew that it was me.
    It had to be.
    But those scars never accused me.
    Those scars, those bruises on your body seemed to know
    They seemed to know how much you love me.
    But I didn't want to be the reason of their existence.
    Flaws, carelessness, immaturity I thought to myself.
    But you'd pulled me closer everytime I caused a bruise,
    whispering to my ears that I heal you too.
    I might be careless, I might be immature
    But I'd never want to cause you a bruise
    And I'm sure very soon I'll learn to be
    A little more responsible, a little more careful
    Unable to control my tears from falling,
    I'd ask you to never let go
    And you'd lean in for a kiss,
    Calming down my soul.
    I guess I'll never know, what did I do
    To deserve someone like you
    And a love so beautiful.
    ©dyutisengupta (A)