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  • ebonie 4w

    Why me?

    The way you lie,
    My heart would die,
    My eyes, they cry for you.

    I’m still in love,
    With your shitiness,
    I’m still in love with you.


  • ebonie 14w

    I had a really bad day and I’m just stressed✌️

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    My heart is tired
    My love is a lier
    Does he even care?

    My life is a lie
    I want to die
    Is he even here?


  • ebonie 17w

    Here is another piece I was working on. Hope you like it.✌️

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    Foreign stranger

    My life flashed before my eyes and then...
    I was a stranger, lesser not braver.
    In my own life, I was a foreign stranger.
    I saw me running, running from the reigner.
    In my own life there was another reigner.

    I was bitter, death grew bigger
    In my own life I was a stranger.


  • ebonie 18w

    My mind just went haywire and I went with it.

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    I’m Running.
    I hide myself because its coming
    I’m falling, It draws my blood, my mind is a flood but foggy.
    White lies, black lies, small lies, big lies.
    Everything seems funny, I’m sorry.
    Hate to disappoint but I’ve gotten to the point that my life depends on joints I can’t focus on my life.
    I can’t focus on my love for you.
    Bye, boo.