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  • echem_ruth_henry 1d

    6 + 3 = 9
    But so does 5 + 4

    The way you do things is not the only way to do them.

    Respect other people’s way of thinking.

    Our task is to be true to our faith & a blessing to others, regardless of their faith.

  • echem_ruth_henry 3w


    W- Wonderful
    I- instrument
    F- For
    E- Enjoyment

  • echem_ruth_henry 6w

    Love is a risk

    I feel so scared because I love you to death but I also feel so safe loving you

  • echem_ruth_henry 7w

    Fake Friends

    Having one fake friend, is more dangerous than having five real enemies.
    Just because they’ve been by your side, doesn’t mean they have your back. Just because they smile at you, doesn’t mean they’re happy for you.
    And just because they hug you, doesn’t mean they love you.

  • echem_ruth_henry 7w


    Pay attention to people that defend your NAME when you're not around.
    They're the realest friends you have.

  • echem_ruth_henry 9w

    Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and to know you are enough

  • echem_ruth_henry 10w

    Secret crush

    I think about you day after day,
    sometimes, I even plan out what I will say.
    You have no idea; you have no clue,
    just how much I think of you.
    I remember the time, I remember the day,
    I had no idea what I was going to say.
    I remember getting lost while staring into your eyes;
    I must have made about a million of sighs.
    I hope we could be together some time in my life,
    and sometimes at night, I dream I'm your wife.
    I love you now and always I hope you can see,
    that if you gave our love a chance how happy we'll be.
    I'm going to bed, please be in my dreams,
    because in real life you don't know what this means.
    I will never forget you no way, not now;
    I know we'll be together some way and some how!

  • echem_ruth_henry 10w


    Just because it's not happening right now, doesn't mean it never will.
    The best things happen unexpectedly.

  • echem_ruth_henry 14w


    Never argue with someone who believes their own lies

  • echem_ruth_henry 15w

    Learn to be happy

    Some of us miss out on our blessing because we've not trained our minds to identify a blessing when it shows up, and we mostly want our blessings to come like the next man's.

    Count your losses ,learn to be happy .
    Love yours