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  • edwyne_18 3d

    Black Rose

    Hear me out, I got a situation
    My girl's got a certain reputation
    Her birthday night, a celebration
    More than candles light, illumination
    Bad decisions, damnation
    I find the evidence, examination
    I fear the coming confrontation...
    She emptied the bottles,
    She swallowed those pills
    Gas fully throttled,
    She sought the thrills
    Now she's hostile,
    But it's my trust she kills...
    I didn't have fun,
    I didn't do the things she's done
    I didn't try to have another man's son
    And now I gaze through into the barrel of my gun,
    Asking myself, "I saw the signs, why didn't I run?"
    Meanwhile she lay there numb,
    Feeling no guilt from leaving me stunned and shunned and flung
    Across the empty room,
    Read my note, feel my doom,
    The black rose in full bloom,
    It wilts and dies as I shall too...

  • edwyne_18 3d

    My identity

    But bleeding
    Heart beating
    A nuisance,
    Hope fleeting

    It's my battle I'm losing,
    It's my decisions I'm choosing,
    My actions aren't fluent,
    It's hard to believe I'm even human
    If I reached out and you grabbed my hand,
    It would slip through your palm just like sand,
    And a shadow would rest at where I would stand,
    Nothing'd remain, not even a hair strand
    I'd be gone, not that it'd be new,
    And you know it's true,
    It's almost as if my soul left my body and flew,
    But in actuality the truth is much more cruel
    I've lost what I loved most,
    I'm a spirit, bodyless, without a host,
    A parasite, a disease-I'm gross!
    But mostly I'm unreal,
    I am a ghost

  • edwyne_18 1w

    "You Let Me Know"

    It came to me so sudden as I collapse again...
    Your voice in my head, telling me to grow...
    how I never use to listen to another word,
    No one else but yours let me know...

    oh, you let me know...

    As the darkness grew, I'd fallen weak to my knees...
    Begging for an answer to all my needs...
    You placed your hand upon my shoulder,
    Showing me a time when I would hold her...
    An image I couldn't forget,
    A change of heart I wouldn't regret...
    All because of the voice of a beautiful girl,
    And now she's here to guide me through the same world...

    Through the same world that I'm meant to show her...

    Just the other day I picked her from the floor,
    Like she'd done for me once before...
    As she was the light in me when I needed it most,
    A light that I would always keep close...

    Even when the storm would try to bury us below,
    I had made the promise to never let her go...

    I still miss you, even when you're right here beside me...
    That beautiful light that will always show me...

    you'll always show me...

    Even when the darkness grew, I'd never fall on my knees...
    I'd have all the answer to my needs...
    You placed your hand upon my shoulder,
    As I'd still hold yours...
    An image I will not forget,
    A change of heart I won't regret...
    All because you're the light of my world,
    my beautiful girl...

  • edwyne_18 1w

    Variables Of The Heart

    Here is an equation that is thoughtful
    A math question that is mindful
    First let x be beautiful
    Then let y be graceful

    The solution is rather simple
    that only Zero squared can say no
    It is not just because I say so
    The formula is what I know

    A positive integer is a clue
    Another hint is that it's true
    Here is what you have to do
    Just Simplify; x plus y = you

  • edwyne_18 2w

    It Take Two

    Shouldn't have said that I want you
    But I only said that
    Just to make you feel better
    And now I'm sad and sober
    Was trynna keep my emotions hidden
    But now the same person who's cold and shivering
    You're in this cause of my flaws
    But don't blame me and say I'm the cause
    I'm just be me and you'll be you
    And soon you'll know that *It Takes Two*

  • edwyne_18 2w

    Let me be as gold����

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    Heart Break

    Love the way our lips met
    Like the sunset touching the surface of the river at its best
    The moon hanging up in the sky
    Its light shining down on all life
    In our humble abodes we reside
    Listening to crickets play and hide
    And when the leaves shiver
    They make my sobs bitter
    Well, that's what goes through my head
    When I'm alone in my bed
    And it all ended with a heartbreak
    That makes my heart ache

  • edwyne_18 2w

    Tension In The Wind

    As the wind blows
    A vase falls down with a big blow
    Revealing a note from you
    A note titled *It Takes Two*
    A part says *I Love You*
    Another saying *I'm Yours Too*
    I drop the note in regrets and tears
    Sit on the bed, scared by my fears
    I move to my balcony
    My face making an effort to dispel acrimony
    But the thought won't let go off me
    And makes my heart and soul bleed

  • edwyne_18 2w

    Mich Elle

    Blinded by her curves
    Now I have to cut my nerves
    Got high over her physique
    Is this a new technique
    Eyes wide open, I can not blink
    Mind disturbed, I can not think
    In a state of confusion
    Lost, I can't find the right conclusion
    What have I just seen
    A beautiful angel like teen
    Hours later I am still amazed
    I'm pretty sure the whole world gazed
    Poetry can not explain
    All it would do is complain

    What I just saw was an angel in disguise
    And nothing about her do I despise

  • edwyne_18 2w

    Make Me A Part Of Your Love Song

    When I lay in my bed at night
    Look at the ceiling
    Then turn off the light
    In my mind, your face is revealing
    I have so many females
    But you always come up in my mind
    So many fairy tales
    But yet your the only reality I find
    You're different
    And I often wonder why
    In you there is barely a disappointment
    To the point I can't stand you telling me bye
    Every time I think you're a trick
    You prove me wrong
    It's you, I want to pick
    Baby can you make me, a part of your love song

  • edwyne_18 7w

    When You See Me

    World suddenly gets bright
    lights all around seems startling white
    like an end of a cold night
    Is the time when you see me

    Lightening up a smile
    which lied dormant for while
    flowing longer than the river Nile
    Is that moment when you see me

    Just a look from you
    Feels like an old dream come true
    a talisman so rare and pure
    Is just when you see me

    A feeling that touches the sky
    That gives me wings so I could fly
    Of reaching out to a new high
    Is that moment, when you see me