Simple emotions poured in the form of quotes, poetry, heart talks, microtales and captions. - Mahima Ahuja

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  • effectivewords 1h

    What's beautiful?

    Someone else reading your mind
    before you even say something.

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    Best decision?

    Self respect > relationship

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    Most painful feeling?

    Short term happiness.

  • effectivewords 1h

    Goals for 2020?

    Work hard.
    Be happy.
    Love myself.
    Be with family.
    Stay positive.

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    The journey of being in mad love is way
    more beautiful than its final destination.

  • effectivewords 1h

    That love isn't worth it.

    If it makes you beg for it.

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    Before stepping into your 20s, make the most of this life. Do little things which make you happy but don't chase people who cannot value you. They aren't worth it. If there's one thing that is perfect right now, then it's your life. People, feelings, lies, cheating, everything else can wait. You're away from the unwanted pressure which is what you need to be grateful for.

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    Life tip 101:

    Stop being around negative people.

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    Real happiness?

    People who try their best everyday to
    put up a smile on your face because
    they care, no matter how far they are.

  • effectivewords 1h

    There is a difference between being with someone just because you are used to it now and putting your heart and soul into someone because you really want to be with them. Learn that difference.