Hi, I am Elaine. A girl who is lost in her own fantasy. I love reading and writing stuff when I am not struggling to get out of a pile of homework.

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  • elaineamber 8w

    No place is higher than my dad's shoulders..


  • elaineamber 9w

    This is dedicated to my big sister.

    Happy Birthday Sis,
    I love you more than the stars in the sky!!

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    I thought you should know that I still feel the glow,
    Of closeness we shared through the years.
    I can still see your face in an earlier place,
    Next to mine through the giggles and tears.

    Two little girls with their leaps and their swirls, telling secrets and playing pretend.
    Laughing and fighting and teasing and dreaming,
    Never thinking their childhood would end.

    Now here we are...life has carried us this far,
    From our tag-a-long, carefree days.
    Our schedules are tight...no relief left in sight,
    We are immersed in our “grown-up” ways.

    Still, you're a part, as you were from the start,
    Of all that I'll ever hold dear.
    And though it is true, times we share are very few,
    By “remembering” I hold you near.


  • elaineamber 10w

    Hey guys! I wish you a Merry Christmas from the depth of my hearts.

    Have a good day!

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    May you never be
    too old to look at the skies
    on Christmas Eve

  • elaineamber 11w

    Hey guys! I haven't posted anything for many days. So yeah...I wrote this one.

    This is dedicated to Jason Grace. One of my favourite HOO character.

    Thank you,
    Peace out

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    Gone are the days
    we used to share...
    But in my heart
    you're always there.

    The gates of memory
    will never close...
    I will miss you more
    than anyone knows.

    With tender love
    and deep regret...
    I who love you
    will never forget.

    Gone is the face
    I loved so dear...
    Silent the voice
    I loved to hear.

    Too far away
    for sight or speech...
    But not too far
    for love to reach.

    Sweet the memories
    are so clear...
    In my thoughts
    you're always near.

  • elaineamber 12w

    The rain falling hard.
    I wonder whether I'm ever going to get free fro this pain.
    The one I love left.
    Wondering if he will come back.
    Every night and every day....
    I think about him,
    wishing for him to come back.
    Wondering if he is thinking about me.
    He will come back.
    Cause I love him and he loves me.

    Very soon...
    Very soon...

  • elaineamber 12w


    A lonely mermaid took the time
    To stare across the sea.
    Just hoping to find a shining star
    That might set her heart so free.

    She sings in an unknown language
    As she combs her hair of grass.
    Tears fall from her eyes in salt drops
    Mingling with the ocean's churning froth.

    A lonely mermaid fell asleep
    On the beach when she found peace.
    For the Angel sent to her
    A dream for her to keep.


  • elaineamber 12w

    And I knew I knew at that moment I would never see her again. That it was the last time we saw each other. No more angelic smiles, no more fighting over who loves Dad the best, no more hugs, no more pranking, no more teasing, no more long peaceful walks, no more sweet memories.

    Although I know she will never come back to me , I still said, “I will manage to come back to you in the future.”

    Sometimes a promise can seem to be silly and naive, and even fake, but at least the moment when we said it, we put some real feelings and emotions into it.

  • elaineamber 12w

    Miss You...

    I miss the hours we would spend talking,
    being open and honest and free.
    I miss how my heart would breath a sigh of relief because you brought me peace.

    I miss the feeling of hope and happiness
    and how with you I always felt content.

    I miss the hours I would spend lying by
    your side tracing the lines upon your skin.
    I miss the way you held me close to hear
    your heartbeat, I wish I could hear it again.

    I miss you every minute of everyday
    it's an ache, a sadness, an emptiness
    That wouldn't go away.

    I MISS YOU......

  • elaineamber 12w

    The sun still rises in the east
      and the darkness falls at night.
      But nothing now seems quite the
    same each day is not as bright.

    The birds still sing, the flowers grow,
    the breeze still whispers too.
    But it will never, ever be
    the same world without you.

    It's so sad that you had to go
      your leaving causes such pain.
    But you were so special
    and earth's lose is heaven's gain.

  • elaineamber 12w

    If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can't hear them anymore.