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  • elder2 13h

    I have seen the Nile,
    Flow effortlessly
    Into the Niger.
    I have watched the Senegal,
    Drive happily into the Congo
    I could hear the splashes of the
    Orange, Limpopo and the Zambezi,
    Swimming in the pool of brotherhood

    How African are you?

    Elder Alita II

  • elder2 2d

    Can You Dream.

    Come let's write our history
    And tell a story of victory.
    Of a future built without war
    Nor the sounds of guns

    Come, Let us Dream dreams
    Of a better future filled with bliss,
    A dream full of hope,
    That would touch every scope

    A dream of peace
    That is devoid of hate.

    Come let us build a future
    Filled with green pastures
    Where sons of Africa
    Would not abandon the iotas
    Of our fringe africaness,
    And hop into Europe like grasshoppers

    Elder Alita II

  • elder2 2d

    Come let us build a future
    Filled with green pastures,
    Where sons of Africa
    Would not abandon the iotas
    of our fringe africaness,
    And hop into Europe
    like grasshoppers.

    © Elder Alita II

  • elder2 5d

    Our Silence Will Speak For Us

    The silence we shared,
    spoke a lot about the
    things we couldn't say

    In that moment,
    when thoughts filled our mind
    yet we said nothing,
    but mused over it through our deafening silence

    I'm certain
    that this silence,shall come out one day and speak for itself

    It shall tell a tale of silence
    About our endurance
    Of our patience and perseverance
    A tale of our togetherness in time of crisis
    A tale of our unity in diversity
    A tale of love

    This silence, surely, shall tell our tale when we make it to the top

    © Elder Alita II

  • elder2 5d

    Boys Are More Virgin

    Boys are not virgins
    Nor considered virgins
    perhaps, a girl must be a virgin
    Otherwise she becomes an enemy

    Virginity is not a Girl thing
    Nor a cause laid on the feminine
    Like the air we breath,
    Virginity cut across genders,
    The male and female gender.

    Virginity is for both gender
    It matters not how old or tender
    Virginity comes with virtue
    Virtues comes from nature

    In this harmful atmosphere
    Girls bear the bigger share
    Filled with judgement and lashing
    Then, the boy sit close by and laugh

    Virginity is a punishment
    Metted on the female gender
    If we must judge virginity
    Let's not forget the bigger boys

    You see!
    Boys too are virgins
    Let's the society give the girl a break!!

    © Elder Alita II

  • elder2 5d

    Why Poets Are Poor

    Paul is a poor Poet,
    Everyday he thinks of duet,
    Inside his closet

    Slowly, slowly
    Like a tumor so wide
    Imaginations so wide
    Paul forgot he lives on Earth

    Paul lives in dream
    Everyday,he dream dreams
    He cares nothing of life
    He owns not a verve

    Paul please prove yourself!
    Writing is good
    Food is better
    Money is the Best

    So tell me
    Are you a poor Paul?

    © Elder Alita II

  • elder2 2w

    No Longer At Ease

    Our smiles are gone,
    All we see is gun,
    Everyday is war-
    We are no longer at ease .

    The sins of the fathers,
    has flipped away our feathers.
    Now hopeless we stand,
    On this shadows of death

    Tell me about Borno
    And the killings in kaduna
    Tell me about jukun
    And the massacre in Tiv

    We are no longer at ease
    Maybe, we need a god to please
    If we make appease
    Maybe there will be peace

    © Elder Alita II

  • elder2 2w


    Religion is peace
    Religion is war
    Religion is death

    Religion is a Scapegoat,
    Religion is a victim,
    Brutally abused by all
    Wrongly accused of flaw

    Like a tug of war
    Between peace and violence
    Religion is tired

    Religion is a victim
    Just like Vladimir Putin,
    Sitting on assaults and bickerings

    © Elder Alita II

  • elder2 3w


    Some days,
    Give yourself a break
    Otherwise you break

    Some days
    You have to die
    In order to live

    Some days
    You must abscond
    And give audience
    to the serenity of nature

    Some days,
    Shut off from the world
    And enter your ward

    Everyday is not for hustle
    Sleep eat and rest your muscles
    With that you can fix the puzzle
    And draw strength for the hustle

    © Elder Alita II

  • elder2 3w

    Life is not Just living
    Life comes with giving

    Life is not just forgiving
    Life comes with forgetting

    If I see life
    I will live it like a leaf
    So lifeless, full of life

    How we struggle to live
    Only to fall and leap

    I want to be a bird
    And go early to bed

    I want to be a bee
    And work daily in trees
    With this I will be free

    © Elder Alita II