The alphabet are complete, all I did was orchestrate them into my own symphony.

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  • elisha_short 4d

    In her own fairytale, the Flower Boy doesn't win the Maiden, only the Brute does.

  • elisha_short 4w

    Postcard from Mombasa

    And just when I decided to take the train to Mombasa,
    It all came derailing and crashing into your heart,
    I guess I survived to tell another heartbreak tale.

  • elisha_short 4w

    A Window's Tale.

    Every Window has it's own story.
    Some of Despair,
    Some of Hope,
    Some of Love,
    Some of Secret,
    Some of Happiness,
    But in the end, it holds them all.

  • elisha_short 7w


    O Hannibal of Carthage,
    Your name so great,
    The mighty empire Rome trembles upon
    When called.
    Your victory so great and swift,
    That history cannot forget.
    Tell me!
    Who can forget?
    Trabimere and Cannae,
    Where your wisdom used upon
    To conquer Romans of old.
    For great men Napoleon,
    Duke of wellington
    Bestowed upon you
    Gifted strategist of old.
    Your praises although long!
    But short-lived
    At waterloo of Zama,
    Campaigned out by Scipio Africanus.
    O battle of Zama!
    That the Romans speak of,
    With victory against you.
    Eighty footed beasts when trumpeted upon by the Romans,
    Charged into great Carthaginians causing men of valor to lose lives.
    What verge of victory which led to twentieth thousand Carthaginians losing lives
    And fifteen thousand wounded.
    O what great calamity that lost your respect among fellow Carthaginians.
    O Romans why not let him be that his name stirs terror among your faces,
    For hunted alive and ridicule among yours.
    O thou Antiochus,
    Why betray to the Romans
    For pieces of gold
    Like Judas’s.
    O Prusias,
    Why agree to surrender him before the Romans.
    My Hannibal run wild like the wind of sea
    For never bounded in shackles shall you be.
    O Hannibal!
    So great,
    So tactical,
    So brave,
    Why drink from the cup
    Which Socrates tasted,
    You last words so great and inspiring
    “Let us relieve the Romans
    From the anxiety they have so long experienced,
    Since they think it
    Tries their patience too much
    To wait for an old man’s death”.
    O Romans, mighty as yours,
    As cowardice as yours.
    For when Hannibal brought fear unto your empire so great.

  • elisha_short 7w


    My Dad was a great storyteller
    Who loved telling Us tall tales.
    I hope to do so for My Children
    some day.

  • elisha_short 8w


    I decided to become love’s Villain,
    The Villain who stoops to conquer hearts.
    I cease to become that shinning armor knight who tends to lose the rescued Maiden to another,
    The Villain is that who toys with your heart, that you return for more.
    I am now the Villain in this love story, embarking on heartbreak quests,
    Never me a Romeo but a Casanova who lures Maidens with sweet lies
    and banishes them afar.
    I am the Villain of this love story that never seeks for Cupid’s, but for Bacchus to lure you and others to the den of heartbreaks.
    In the end you shall become another forgotten masterpiece in my gallery and another shall fall prey.

  • elisha_short 10w


    A moonless night.
    My Maiden,
    why don't you smile
    to illuminate the path
    unto tryst,
    where we shall caress the night,
    drenched in our affection
    of a thousand kisses.
    Let us be amorous,
    as the swans of Hugh,
    devoted towards this cold night,
    the Nymphs whisper of
    In sonorous melodies.
    My Maiden,
    hurry now
    while it is a moonless night.
    For let us find warmth
    In our embraces
    through this tender night,
    that shall be
    remarkable through
    the ages to come.

  • elisha_short 11w

    And In your eyes, I found all the beauty of the world.

  • elisha_short 11w


    I am getting euphoric
    on this feeling called love.
    For if I were to ride heaven's
    I shall swiftly ride.
    For if the worst to come arrives,
    then I shall gladly rest in Freya's abode.
    Even if hemlock shut me out eternally,
    My love still lingers for you.
    Though I become an echo on the west wind,
    I shall recite your name.
    Forget Cupid's lullaby,
    let mine soar you
    to sweet, savory dreams.
    Let my arms give you warmth
    from this blistering weather,
    For look up these constellations
    and see them written in your name.

  • elisha_short 13w

    The Moth adorned with
    colors and brightness
    of beautiful patterns.
    Alluring to prying eyes,
    Still you fall prey to the light.