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  • ellawilz 5w

    The last goodbye

    His eyes spoke of the agony that his lips could never utter,
    Grief unquestionable stood on his heart,
    His world had dimmed by the loss of his star.

    His mind reminisced the eventful morning it was;
    The bear hug that he had passionately engulfed his little angel in,
    The melodious laughter that her full lips let out,
    And the twinkle in her starry eyes that gave his morning a satisfaction
    How could he forget the goodbye kiss she planted onto his cheeks,
    The glorious seal of the morning's meeting.

    If only fate had whispered into his ears that it was the last he would see his star,
    He would have gripped her tighter than ever,
    Keeping her in his embrace forever.
    Bella A

  • ellawilz 10w

    Best friend,

    It goes deeper than its shallow meaning,
    True meaning limited only to those that saw much more than it,
    Only those will testify to the sisters we were blessed with in them.
    Times and seasons are only dedicated by the Almighty,
    But seems like your were the customized times I waited for,
    The pillar to lean against when walls crumbled before me,
    The wave that tamed me you are,
    A journey made worthwhile by fate's play,
    With you besides me...
    If blood really is thicker than water then you are blood to me.....
    Bella A

  • ellawilz 10w


    My soul inevitably lingers the face the earth,
    In search of it's long lost mate...

  • ellawilz 10w


    She is the only missing rib that fits perfectly into your lonely cage,
    Rather than demeaning the angel in her,
    Let her be lost in the maze you call your world,
    For better treatment is all she deserves.

    Family and friends she has looked past;
    Ghosts haunting the future she sees in you,
    With a hunger to be the only thing that completes you,
    Your wife for better or worse,
    Doesn't she deserve a better half in you?

    Angels envy the epitome of beauty she's grown into,
    She keeps the other men cursing her secret lover,
    Because their lips only chant her name all over town,
    Her glory she's trashed to be apart of you,
    Doesn't she deserve much more?

    She has seen beyond your imperfections;
    Imperfections that knit you together into what she calls perfection,
    Rather than deeming her blind,
    Help her build the tomorrow she has spotted in you..

    She is great but inferior only to you, her man,
    Spoil her with your love,
    Bring out the best in her,
    Soar the horizons together,
    She is but a woman,
    She deserves better from her trusted mate ....
    Bella A.

  • ellawilz 10w

    Silent pain...

    Whenever my mind strayed into the uncontrollable tragedy,
    A throbbing migraine attacks my unprepared head,
    Like an armed robber, it slips in unnoticed through the neck.
    Pains sharper than a woman in labour gradually dominate my head in entirety;
    Pains only soothed by an aspirin.

    Am arrested by the vivid sight of that day yet without handcuffs,
    When he drunk out his rejection,
    Thinking that like the rain, this shocking truth would cease with the outpouring,
    But the pill was too sour to be swallowed by him.

    Driven by the love he had for her,
    He rode his bike onto the busy streets in search for a chance to prove his worth,
    Berserk he was over some one that saw nothing but the church mouse in him.

    Behind him, I wildly followed,
    For a friend like him I could not lose to some gold digger,
    Only to be held still by a deafening crash;
    He had slammed into another random speeding car,
    And another had bumped into mine.

    Unfortunately, I have to bear the consequences of such a scenario,
    That not only robbed me of a friend but a brother as well.
    Tumours I have faithfully operated on,
    Yet bipolar and post traumatic stress disorders still manifest from within this shadow I am.

    I will still question my mind until it reasons with me,
    About what he saw in that one lady,
    From whom this predicament am undergoing is derived.
    Bella A.

  • ellawilz 12w

    There are times

    There are times when you feel suffocated,
    Like someone is literally depriving you of your breath,
    Choking you to death because of it's overwhelming burden.

    Those times,
    When they trust the sarcastic smile brightening your face,
    Much more than the shocks sent down their spines by their instincts.

    When regardless of how much the wrinkles stress themselves out on your face,
    Just like a voice shouting loudly longing to be heard,
    But the whispers silently fall on deaf ears.

    There are times when your gasping really hard,
    Just to catch one breath,
    Thinking that things will lessen on your plate,
    To be continued......

    Bella A

  • ellawilz 13w

    I could never have been if it wasn't for His grace..
    Bella A


  • ellawilz 13w

    One life

    We are no different from flowers,
    Like them, our days are counted,
    Today, they gloriously blossom;
    Beauty that leaves us envious of such a passionate covering by the maker.

    We sneer at ourselves because of wasted competition in it's uniqueness,
    Forgetting that tomorrow, the place in which they sprouted, will be vacant.
    They will have withered in sorrow,
    Wishing that they never tasted the sun's treachery,
    And the serene feeling that comes along with the rains.

    Tomorrow's ignorant victims we should not be,
    Life's reality we should not make ironies,
    Immutable death is;
    everyone's uninvited guest.

    Laugh while you still can,
    Hold on to the memories with those you tag dearest,
    Live each moment without room for regrets,
    Facing each day as though it is your last day,
    For the night is young......
    Bella A

  • ellawilz 13w


    It's extremely hard;
    To sell out my soul to you,
    To completely give you a go ahead,
    Just to meddle with my affairs...

    It's like your deeply craving,
    To be much more than my personal Assistant,
    To uplift the burden weighing me down,
    Yet I foolishly stuff cotton wool in my delicate but insensitive ears,
    To shut out your still miniature voice.

    Am hopelessly wandering,
    My normally inquisitive eyes skim through the handful of pals I call dearest,
    But none of them can selfishly shield my heart,
    Exciting lies stream down their loquacious lips;
    Lips soothing like Eve's.

    Not that your finally my last resort,
    Proverbs 3:5 has restored sight to my blind eyes,
    Amidst the unending raging of storms,
    I will blind fold my eyes,
    Let you lead me through the darkest nights...
    Lord, your my safest Haven...
    Bella A

  • ellawilz 13w

    I wonder,

    I wonder when these eyes;
    Eyes lined from squinting into many suns,
    Will finally see the silver lining,
    Amidst the shrouded clouds.

    I wonder when my seemingly incurable heart,
    Will heal leaving no trails of scars,
    From the arrows that struck it's vulnerable core.

    That time and opportunity happens to all,
    Or is it that my ferret eyes haven't scavenged enough,
    Through my optimistic self ??

    I still wonder,
    If time is really a quinine or paracetamol,
    Like they usually tag it,
    Why is my heart still profusely breeding,
    After decades I've committed to medicating it?

    Yes I still wonder.......
    To be continued...