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  • emeka_joel 1d

    When I lay down on my bed at night
    Before I fall into sleep's restful hands,
    Before the turning of the clock past twelve,
    And my mind descend into dreamland;
    I spare a thought for my dear ones,
    Praying silently for their success,
    I examine myself for weaknesses,
    And renew promises to be better;
    Then I listen to my gentle heart beats,
    It reminds me of how delicate life can be,
    One second you are riding low,
    The next wave could take you high,
    One second you are unheard of,
    The next second you are on billboards;
    Lastly I pray all my efforts pay of,
    Before sleep takes me gentle into the good night.

  • emeka_joel 3d

    Felt like I got struck
    By an electric shock
    A jolt of current
    Surged through my veins.

    My body jerked
    Reacting to this strange stimuli
    That came from its inside
    And dropped its walls.

    The heart was meant
    To fall in love
    But I made mine immune,
    Couldnt risk the hurt.

    This shock, love,
    Stripped me of my defenses
    Took down my walls
    And laid my soul bare.

    It gave me to you
    Risking all I fought to avoid
    Avoid at all cost
    Catching feelings is expensive.

    I look at you
    And see a billion ways
    It could all go wrong
    Yet still decide
    You are worth all I got.

  • emeka_joel 4d

    Though the task ahead is full of perils
    And the worries of life weighs heavy
    I wake up every morning with this resolution
    "I didnt come here to fail"
    And somehow that brings a smile to my face.

  • emeka_joel 5d

    Today has come and gone

    Today has come and gone,
    The moon has taken over the night sky,
    Usurping the reigning glorious sun,
    The stars like sprinkles scattered across the night sky,
    Stand like a glorious army protecting the moon.

    Today has come and gone,
    I took small steps towards success,
    Did my part and left to God the rest,
    Grace is my cheat-code in this game of life.

    Today has come and gone,
    I can hear my bed call,
    Singing the sleeper's song,
    Luring my body into its embrace.

    Today has come and gone,
    One day I will look back at life and know I won,
    When my strength and sight start to fade,
    And lady time bides me into old age.

  • emeka_joel 1w

    Her personality is one of enduring understanding,
    She carries herself in grace and makes everything ok,
    These beautiful qualities makes it impossible to not love her.
    When she walks all eyes are fixed on her,
    Yet somehow she amplifies all the love she receives.
    This amazing creature is my mother,
    She's God's greatest creation.

  • emeka_joel 2w


    I am a young lad finding my way,
    Slowly climbing the stairs of success,
    Working hard to keep my fears at bay,
    Fears of an ambitious mind.
    Though difficult lies the task ahead,
    Requiring strength, faith and brains,
    A little sweat and tear I might shed,
    On my quest to acquire life's gains.
    Many has fallen on this stairs,
    Seemingly overwhelmed by this universal struggle,
    Others have taken shortcuts,
    To raise the limits on what they can afford.
    I cannot turn a blind eye to right and wrong,
    Letting ambition rewrite my moral Code,
    The Holy book said life's battles isn't won by the strong,
    So I work hard and look up to God.

  • emeka_joel 3w


    I woke up today
    Just happy to still draw breath,
    My eyes opened its windows to a beautiful sunrise,
    That flew in through my bedroom window,
    My mind temporarily wandered to all the unfinished business of yesterday,
    Yesteryears really,
    Life hasn't been following my timetable lately,
    The feeling that I should be farther never goes away,
    And though I have come a long way,
    Sometimes I wonder if I am on the right way
    Or if I am obliviously going the wrong way,
    But I won't worry about that today,
    Because I woke up today
    Just happy to still draw breath.

  • emeka_joel 3w

    Love is the panacea for loneliness,
    Love for self in its entirety,
    Cause without self love you could be alone in the company of friends,
    Like a fish in water dying of thirst.

    Absolution is the soul's means of reining in its demons,
    So it don't get overwhelmed by guilt;
    the burden of having a conscience.

    Contentment assassinates ambition,
    The truly ambitious is never satisfied,
    The truly content is almost never great,
    But it is said that contentment is the key to happiness,
    So pick your poison wisely.

    Faith is like a medicine
    That soothes the achings of the soul,
    Makes life's hardship bearable,
    Gives you something to hold unto,
    Real or not? You be the judge.

    Loyalty is the most noble of emotions,
    It makes men unselfishly die for their country,
    A country that is basically a collection of strangers,
    Strangers that may never remember their sacrifice.

    By Emeka Joel

    #Mirakee #Writersnetwork #Pod

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    Monday Ramblings of a Poet

    Love is the panacea for loneliness,
    Love for self in its entirety,
    Cause without self love you could be alone in the company of friends,
    Like a fish in water dying of thirst.

  • emeka_joel 3w

    My heart beguiled me into thinking I love you
    Now you are heart broken and there is nothing I can do
    I never meant to deceive you
    But those ephemeral emotions lead me astray.

  • emeka_joel 4w

    Princess of the Clouds

    I am the droplets splattering upon the roof above
    Dropping dead from the face of heaven
    Soaking the earth with overflowing tears
    Forcing everyone into their abode.
    Dark clouds hover to announce my presence
    Thunderous claps serenades the displays of my power
    Without me life on earth will be non-existent
    Cries accompany my prolonged absence.

    I do not seek for permission before showering my blessings
    I am a beast that cannot be tamed
    I am the flood responsible for so many killings
    But also the liquid that keeps you living

    I am the farmers hope for in me he places his faith
    Endlessly praying I bless his grains
    I remind lovers of those they hold dear
    I am Rain - the princess of the clouds.