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  • emeritus 3w

    Mi Familia❤

    Here's to ones we have loved,
    Here's to the ones who have always showed love
    And the love brings back all the memories,
    All the memories of you and me

    Cheers to the ones here today,
    Cheers to the ones who have helped me on my way
    And the love brings back all the memories,
    All the memories of you and me

    Your love I will never forget,
    Your love that's better than romeo and Juliet
    And the love brings back all the memories,
    All the memories of you and me

    My heart really loves you so,
    And my heart over you is as a rainbow
    And the love brings back all the memories,
    All the memories of you and me
    Thanks FAM❤


  • emeritus 4w


    Yo what's up?
    You set for the exam?
    As much as there's study,
    There's a place for the word.

    Declare this!!
    I read and I understand,
    I am mentally stable and I do not blackout,
    I am not confused for I am led,
    I dedicate myself to the mystery of process.
    I study to show myself approved,
    My memory is blessed and
    I write as inspirations flow down like streams of quiet waters,
    I stay strong in health before, during and after the exam,
    Exam questions no go make me faint,
    We go run am,
    I answer the questions with wisdom, accuracy and speed,
    I rejoice for I know who goes before me,
    He writes for me, I'm just assisting with the penning,
    I come out victorious for You have guided me,
    In this I am confident,
    For You are with me.
    We Move.


  • emeritus 5w



    The table is set at a time; timetable
    The tension is up,
    Eyes of understanding enlightened,
    Hearts racing,
    Minds pacing
    Some praying,
    Some can't come and die; resting,
    People vanishing,
    Some on low hair cuts to allow extra cerebral influx,
    Some; on God,
    Some; God no go shame us.
    The night lights are on,
    The night classes are fun,
    Time's now short as a day is now half as such.

    Open your eyes to see exams at the corner,
    Take up past questions as some faculties my falter,
    Have a vision and a goal you must conquer,
    Let your books be by you even when you're at the altar
    So that in the end,
    A result...happily ever after.


  • emeritus 5w

    Unprecedented Process

    I was the son of his old age,
    I was his favourite,
    Dreams I did not know came my way,
    My brothers thought they lost their birthright.
    For a dream unknown, I was buried in stone,
    For twelve shekels of silver I was sold
    But they never knew...

    A slave in a foreign land,
    The hand of God was upon me,
    Made the chief under Portiphar,
    I thought this was the dream come true.

    My beauty stirred up the heart of someone unanticipated,
    My decline made my ''thoughtful'' dreams decapitated,
    From a life of all to a life of none
    And now I'm wondering...
    Is this the dream?

    Made friends with high class prisoners,
    His hand was still there,
    The baker with the bread and the butler with the cup,
    One dead and the other taken up,
    Both dead and alive forgot about me,
    I was left to rot in pain and misery.

    Then it came to pass,
    Like the miracle in a cell,
    The prison gates shook but I trembled,
    I was taken by guardsss,
    Was it time for an execution I thought,
    Lord I'm still young do something!!!
    These guys were shaving my beards and changing my clothes,
    Do they dress to slay in Egypt?

    Back to my beauty state that slayed queens,
    As a slay king I was brought before the main king,
    An ability I had made a way for me,
    He made me control all except him,
    Something I was already familiar with.

    Days passed and people bowed,
    An euphoria I had gotten used to,
    Not until a set people rose from their knees
    These...these were the people who sold me!!!
    My time had come to show them pepper!!
    These were my brothers!!

    In my splendor they couldn't recognize me,
    I was now a sweet boy,
    By my word these people would have been hanged
    But at that moment I understood...
    This. was. the. dream. come. true.

    Listen to me my child,
    People may do you evil for the good you did to them,
    Do not let resentment store up in your heart,
    For the evil people think they did to you,
    God will turn it to a stepping stone for your leap of faith.

    Love your enemies but despise evil,
    Forgive all and never repay evil for evil.
    Do you understand?

    Yes papa answered Manasseh.


  • emeritus 6w


    I can't control it,
    I can't help loving these things,
    I can't stop it,
    This is the way I am.

    Is that the way you are?
    Set your affections on things on high,
    Not on things that can die
    Hmm..made me wonder...

    If I could set it,
    It meant I could control what things had my desire,
    I could love one but hate the other,
    Or rather, later hate the former but love the latter.

    With this, my mental walls of obsession finally crumbled,
    I could choose to set my mind on deep things of heavenly relevance,
    Or leave it at the superficial on a background of intentional ignorance.


  • emeritus 6w


    Two boys were laughing at an old lady,
    In rag clothes, she had groceries and little money,
    These two boys were very rude,
    Or so I thought.

    With a good heart, I approached the lady,
    Helped her to her home.
    With all sweat and a little sense of fulfilment,
    The next thing I heard... BANG!
    She closed the door on me without any word!

    With a mixture of fulfilment and heaviness, my heart carried all home,
    Did I do a stupid thing I thought,
    Helping people is a good thing isn't it?
    Come on,
    I shrugged off the thought with a sigh.

    *2 weeks after...

    Coming back from an evening service,
    Reflecting on what I learnt in the meeting,
    I came across the lady struggling with a basket of tomatoes,
    She was all sweaty, focused on her basket.
    I was few blocks away wondering...
    What do I do?


  • emeritus 6w


    In darkest days,
    In darkest nights,
    No evil shall befall me,
    For my deliverer shall go before me,
    He shall be my shield and my light.

    In the shadows of death,
    Wicked men have gathered against me,
    Trying to tear me apart by their false accusations,
    Lord, You have seen me from Zion,
    Deliver me.

    Let your strong arms save me,
    Your light will guide me,
    Your love will keep me,
    Your wings will bear me.

    In darkest days,
    In darkest nights,
    No evil shall befall me,
    For my deliverer shall go before me,
    He is my Light,
    My Shield.


  • emeritus 7w


    Wilson was wiring windows willfully without Winston's wit,
    But worrisome was Whitney who washed white wigs.
    She warned Wilson who wired the windows wet.


  • emeritus 7w

    Serious Questions

    Questions, Questions on my mind,
    Common answers we can find.
    Why is the fake real?
    Why is the real fake?
    In a world of give and take,
    Why is there hate?

    Why do people remember all the good things they've done when they're being corrected of a wrong thing?
    Why do some people derive joy in disgracing others?
    Why will a helpless baby trained with sweat and blood, grow up to insult his/her parents?
    Why do some people always think they're right?

    Why do some people give reasons for doing wrong things?
    Will the reason for doing a thing make it right?
    Why does one person's opinion seem ''more'' right when he/she advice others to disregard the other opinions?
    Why do people adjust the bible to suit themselves?

    Why do many people struggle with discipline and consistency?
    Why is the bible the most persecuted book?
    Who dares compare Christ with Belial?
    Why do people also suffer for the mistakes of others?
    Why is there hate, distrust and back stab in this world?

    Why do people struggle with what's wrong and what's right?
    What is my purpose?
    Who am I and why am I alive and not dead?
    Why am I on this earth?
    Am I just to pass it like others or there's something I must do?

    (*the poet drops his pen with a heavy heart but remembers something...)

    Why do people lie using corona virus?


  • emeritus 7w

    Aren't you done with your questions???

    Questions, Questions on my mind,
    Common answers we can find.
    If x=y and y=z,
    Find the time taken to reach the sun from the earth.
    What's all this?
    Daddy please calm down.

    Isn't it amazing how a student can have 5.0 in 100L but be thanking God for 50 in 200L med school?
    Why is it that the first thing we look at in a slide is the slide number?
    Do people still go to primary school?
    Shey nursery school children dey jack?
    Why do people hate it when others save their numbers with ''Chinedu generator'' or ''Faruk fish''

    How come rain falls on a Sun-day?
    Why is Sunday afternoon sleep sweeter than any other day???
    Why do some people dose at morning devotions but argue they weren't sleeping?
    Can any student be allergic to beans or chilled garri and fried fish?
    Why is Igbo naming ceremony synonymous with groundnut and ''cabin'' biscuit?

    Why do advice given in Yoruba always sound deep?
    Why are there different personalities with one Bible?
    How come people type full letters of prayers
    But at the end, they put ''IJN''?
    Why do a lot of women love tying wrappers???