I write about my loved ones and inner emotions.

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  • emilylove1818 8w

    Until then

    Someday when the moon is full
    And I am aware, understanding everything
    I will look and find what I came for
    What I've been missing all along
    You will finally return to me
    And we will be together just like we used to
    Me and you just like it's supposed to be
    But for that to happen I need patience
    So lend me your strength
    Let my heart be full of hope
    Until the day of our beautiful reunion
    The day where the moon guides me to you
    The day where the moon shines down on both of us.

  • emilylove1818 8w

    Not my picture

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    Loneliness hurts like hell, but it doesn't last forever.

  • emilylove1818 9w


    The island rays
    reflect on the waves
    As I say goodbye
    And your boat departs
    A farewell message
    Flying accross the sky
    As my plane departs

    I hate goodbyes
    I always have
    Maybe because of that time
    That time
    Or that other time

    So I will always cry
    When I say goodbye
    Because that's just who I am
    When I have to leave a good friend.

  • emilylove1818 9w

    Where are you now?

    I look up searching for light
    I find my heart seeking something
    The moon tells me to stay alive
    And be alert for a miracle to start
    So tonight for once I have much to say
    Tonight I pray for my girl that's far away.

  • emilylove1818 12w


    Who are you?

    You reek of despair
    And are blinded by expectations
    You tear apart with responsibilities
    And look as if you haven't showered in days

    Your body, hair, face and heart
    It's all become alien
    Please come back to me after December is done.

  • emilylove1818 19w

    Another Day Another Change

  • emilylove1818 20w

    Emma 2018

    Thank you
    Thank you for being genuine
    For crying when you needed to and picking yourself back up when you were ready

    Thank you for trying to make more of yourself when your body and mind didn't cooperate.

    Thank you for trying your hardest to let go of what used to be and move on to where you are now

    Thank you for not turning back when you were on the verge of death

    Thank you for appreciating the small things while learning to not make a big deal about the unimportant things

    Most importantly... thank you for still being alive today, because you strive to conquer every challenge that comes your way.

    And thank you too alicia, even though you're far, I know you're with me.


  • emilylove1818 23w

    Where are you

    Today I thought for the 1000th time
    Where the hell are you my love?
    It's been months since I've heard your voice
    And now I'm here worried out of mind

    You're in my heart but hurting me
    Causing me to worry
    Giving me no word as to where you are

    Are you safe
    Are you sick
    Just what am I to do with this

    I am begging you my girl
    Please come home to me.

  • emilylove1818 23w

    Come Home

    The cuts on my face sting as tears roll down my cheek

    I'm still torn up not knowing where you are

    Night and day become one as I am awake when shouldn't be and asleep when shouldn't be

    I don't know if I believe in God, but regardless I pray for her safety

    I just wish I knew, that is all I ask

    I know this worry is unhealthy, but what can you do when you love someone so much that can be anywhere

  • emilylove1818 26w


    You never let him explain himself
    Jumping to conclusions
    Throwing accuses
    Making excuses
    Yelling acting above when you know you were the same

    He was scared again
    Due to your misinterpretation

    Are you happy with yourself
    I sympathize
    But if you didn't act rash
    And make his ears crash

    ...then you both could have been saved