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  • emirih 3w

    You wont find another girl like me


    I had wrapped my heart 
    With the ribbon of love 
    And stamped forever
    With pearls of together
    I am in love with your auroma 
    Which I had never touched 
    Even neither feeled it 
    Nor even smelled 
    Whenever I am with you 
    I feel like droplets of rain 
    Slowly falling on my body 
    With peace of eternity
    Luck it is ..a really glorious word 
    A thing known for happiness
    For the ones who had faced this word  
    And I had observed it through catching your love !
    Your silky smooth hair 
    And your attractive lips
    One step you closer to me 
    And here I go glare 
    A millions of poetries 
    With trillions of feelings
    Won't just express 
    All of  my thinkings 
    Neither no one has the right 
    Nor anyone have the permission
    To touch you to have you 
    To have love from all of you
    My love Is heavy 
    But soft as flowers 
    Sainted with auroma 
    Which you had never touched 
    I bet you won't find 
    Another girl like me 
    Who craves to hold you all day
    But ends up hugging her dreams 


  • emirih 4w

    May our bond last together


    How a person can be gold
    When it is made up of flesh and bones 
    How a poetry could be just so beautiful
    When it is just wrote by rhymes and words 
    How everything looks like fantasy 
    In love which is surely a curse 
    No less than a crime 
    And which  collects hatred everytime 
    How everything is for sure 
    Forever which is just a word 
    Bitter it is and sweet as caramel 
    Which forces  as to decorate our 'future' together
    Meeting a boy was surely a stroke of luck 
    Which had made my wishes come true in an year of bad luck
    Now the days are saying goodbye to us
    A new year is waiting for us 
    So now my love let's wish together
    That may our bond last forever~

    9.40 am

  • emirih 5w


    Poison it is, a word like 'forever'
    If you don't add 'together' 
    It is painful for forever 
    If you are promising me now 
    And decorating our future  with each other 
    Don't say never at the time of being an accepter
    I will add that you are different from others
    Beautiful and fair
    Like a  jem stone which is rare 
    And fireflies in the air 
    I had touched the sky
    Without even falling on the ground 
    But didnt knew i would fall for you this much
    I thought i would never 
    Sometimes i look myself 
    For a minute or two
    And say the sentences
    He is gonna be with me forever 
    But as i see a little cry on your face 
    This forever gets erased painfully 
    Just like a bad memory which was kept for too longer 
    I had seen myself crying so harder
    I had covered my face 
    With secrets and terror
    But having a person like you..i would always dream to live forever 
    I cant make you happy 
    I can't make your heart bloom
    I wont do promises 
    That won't stay forever~

    But i will stay with you forever 

  • emirih 5w

    It was not less then an art

    I mixed the portion of love
    Into my poetries of curse 
    And made you drink it 
    It was not less then an art
    I stapled forever 
    In the pages of my life
    And sealed it  'with you'
    It was not less then an art
    I made you fall for me 
    By wishing to have you from God 
    And through heart touching poetries 
    It was not less then an art
    I stare at the dawn,while dreaming  
    To see it with you 
    I had talked to the moon, by complaining 
    I wish i had you
    I Always thought to have a smile on my face
    But never thought oneday
    You will become the reason of my cry
    I wish it wasnt true 
    I had paintied colours in your heart 
    From the center to the core 
    No space is left aside
    It was not less then an art
    I had stare at your pictures
    Mostly in which you smile 
    I always thought to be the reason of it
    But i wish it was true
    Always try to get far from the word 'breakup' 
    Now when you asked for it
    I had shivered through all my body 
    I wished you never asked
    Even oneday if you even ask for it
    Just remember 
    You made me crazy for you
    So now dont even ask for it too
    I would never detach my soul
    From a sainted soul like you
    I will always make you happy indeed
    And that's a promise to be! 

    15 December 2020

    7.01 pm

  • emirih 6w

    You feel the same?

    Do you feel the same
    Like I feel
    Goosebumps and touches 
    Without feeling your skin
    Do you feel that smile
    Like I feel
    Curves on cheeks
    And eyes squeezed
    Do you feel that beat
    Like I feel
    When you make me red
    And make my heart beat
    Do you feel that feeling
    Like I feel
    When you say something
    That makes me please
    Do you feel that sadness
    Like I feel
    But you make me smile
    Everytime indeed
    Do you feel the love
    I have for you
    Yet an I love you
    Is not complete for you


  • emirih 7w

    @tengoku wrote this poem.. After getting inspired by you.. Hope you will like it ��

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    What is love?

    What is love?
    They asked it curiously
    Love is when you are blind in another fantasy
    What is love?
    They asked it sadly
    Love is when you smiling outside,inside you are dying badly
    What is love?
    They asked a lover
    Love is when you are smiling widely, but the reason is because of him only
    What is love?
    They asked it like a very difficult query
    Love is when you believe each other very strongly
    What is love?
    They kept asking
    Love is when you stare at his picture and what you do is just smiling and blushing
    What is love?
    They asked a broken-hearted person
    Love is a ride from heaven to hell, from earth to Mars, from moon to sun..
    What is love?
    They asked a writer
    Love is when you write millions of books
    .. Which define trillions of love letters
    What is love?
    They asked a poetess?
    A bed of roses, with sharp thorns, tearing your flesh, as you find pleasure in pain among all of your bones
    What is love?
    They asked a playgirl
    Love is like a time pass for me, it is all fake at all
    What is love?
    The writer of this poem asked to her followers
    Some replied they don't know, some said you can fall for it anytime though, some repeat the same lines, and some just said it is beyond our imaginations..

  • emirih 7w

    How is it true

    I am lucky to have love, from a soul like you
    Yet you still asking how is it true
    Isn't all my feelings are the answers 
    To your query  
    Still you asking how is it true? 

  • emirih 7w

    Unconditional love

    But may I correct
    Its an unconditional love
    Where I had melted into the perfume of love
    But the difference is that.. For your love i had put an effort!

  • emirih 7w


    I am a girl who is crazy
    For a soul like you
    Yet you didn't put any efforts
    To make her fond of you

  • emirih 7w

    I thought to do a challenge In which I would write a poem by picking up a stanza from my favorite writers...

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    He is my everything

    Mirror was a stranger until
    I got acquainted by my smile
    Life looks beautiful when
    You have love in your eyes
    And he lived in mine.

    I had seen your face
    In dreams of my heart
    And I had knitted world for you
    In which you can never be erased
    From my Little heart

    I had been searching myself
    Since a very long time
    Never thought I would strongly be loved by someone!
    Who had also cried for me!
    By missing me several nights....

    And when my lay down to sleep
    A voice will appear saying
    You are the one I need
    And on the way I would in the blanket of my dreams
    And soon I would be in your arms indeed

    We still be thinking alot of things
    Yet i am sorry if you had felt somethings
    A piece of lost in my love for you
    But the truth was that
    I had always adore you!.

    Once upon a time I was Inlove with a person.
    But he is not just a normal person..
    He is my everything!