Not a Writer, Just Penned down my Feelings

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  • emmaar 1w

    The truth is you are the bestest gift Allah has ever give to me
    You are my Happiness
    Love you a lot ❤️

  • emmaar 3w

    You are my most Beautiful

  • emmaar 4w

    May it be the year, that your heart heals,
    grows and blossom with the rememberence of Allah
    May it be the year that pull you closer to him
    and anything he is pleased with
    And may be it be the year of kindness and gratitude

    I wish you a year full of joy and happiness made of smiles, kisses, hugs and dream fullfilled

    Happy New Year

  • emmaar 6w

    Asleep or awake
    I Dream of You
    All the same

  • emmaar 8w

    You doesn't have to show an inch of skin to feel sexy or be sexy. You're grown women and even while you are covered from head to toe, you can burn whole cities

  • emmaar 8w

    One plus one isn't one
    I don't need you to complete me
    What I need is , You makes me part of a two
    A part of team that includes
    Me & You

  • emmaar 8w

    If I am not talking to you
    and behaving weird

    That doesn't mean I want to
    end up things between us
    That doesn't mean you are not important to me
    That doesn't mean i'hv got new person to talk with
    That doesn't mean I will talk or think ill about you
    That doesn't mean I won't be there for you
    when you'll need me
    And it also doesn't mean that I don't miss you,

    Truth is I miss u like hell and
    wann most at that time when we are apart

    Do you get that ????

    You're my Love and will always be

  • emmaar 9w

    Sometimes I like to read the stars
    and wonder what's their story?
    For whom do they burn inside
    and shine bright on outside?
    Why do they guide people
    when they themselves are lost in darkness?
    Why do they fall and perish
    just to fulfill someone's wish?
    When they know the world won't care
    if one of them went missing
    why do they still appears every night?

    That's when I am reminded
    it's what we all do
    not just the stars

    Why? For whome?
    It's the simple story of Love

  • emmaar 9w

    The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way

  • emmaar 13w

    इससे बढकर ख़्वाब जीने की सज़ा कुछ भी नही
    ज़िन्दगी भर ठोकरें खाई मिला कुछ भी नही..!!

    तुम तो यादो के हवाले करके मुझको चल दिये
    मेरी मजबूरी ये है मै भूलता कुछ भी नही..!!

    प्यार की अपनी ज़ुबाँ है अपना इक अंदाज़ है
    मैने सब कुछ सुन लिया उसने कहा कुछ भी नही..!!

    खो दिया क़तरे ने खुद को एक ताल्लुक़ के लिए
    और मज़ा ये है समन्दर को पता कुछ भी नही..!!