writing on the wall

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  • empathscouplets 10h


    Not your will
    Not my will
    It was God's will
    So it is and will always be .

    All I ask is let me rest
    I want my peace
    If only just a little piece
    Far from it all .
    I stand away from it all.

  • empathscouplets 1w


    Is love a transaction!!
    With an unequal and opposite reaction?

  • empathscouplets 2w

    Whispers in my mind

    I hear you whisper
    It's never over
    I'm coming over
    To feed your needs
    It's your greed
    And I'm your feed
    Sorry babe I'm freed .
    A narc with needs thats exactly
    Not what I need .


  • empathscouplets 2w

    I remain insecure -in the knowledge that you are you.

  • empathscouplets 2w


    My wisdom is killing me
    Not just yours.

  • empathscouplets 2w

    Happy new year

    The people I help
    Happily forgot to drop a line .
    Just to say
    Happy new year
    I see them as they are
    Empty souls looking
    To fill their empty pockets .
    Was it so hard
    To drop a line .
    Is saying thank you
    Out of fashion.
    Somewhere in time
    Decency lost its way.
    Greed held sway.

  • empathscouplets 6w


    Truth about trust
    I've trusted ànd lost
    Every time
    Was it necessary to lie.
    Each and every time .
    It's the same story
    with each I've met in time .
    I've lost faith .
    has it become
    A game of hide and seek
    Or is it just
    Catch me if you can.

  • empathscouplets 6w


    Came today
    But now I have peace of mind
    I lost- him a father
    And now I'm found
    Coz I finally found the way.

    I'm there drop a line
    If you need a friend
    To share your thoughts
    Even your afterthoughts .
    Please do.

  • empathscouplets 7w


    Was a chat
    Ever a crime
    Well I guess
    Things have changed
    With time .
    Hence the lonely people.
    With phones
    That no longer
    Communicate .

  • empathscouplets 7w

    Last days

    It's finally come the pain
    The severe strain
    But I guess his time
    Has come.
    All I pray
    For is to reduce the pain
    In his last days
    May he find ultimate peace
    May his soul rest .
    In his last days
    I'm here to be
    What I should
    Have always been .