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  • emperor_bonileosca 8w


    Let's turn the Hashtags into an ongoing conversation.
    Let's start to have conversations about the things that matter with our friends, families and communities. The only way we can change this nation is by changing the way we do things through changing our mindsets.

    Let's open brave spaces for conversations such as racism, women based violence, xenophobia and etc with the idea of healing and building the nation.

    Let's start to open BRAVE SPACES so as to understand each other.

    We say we are proud of South Africa although we are divided, how is that pride ought to be good pride when we chase away our neighbours?

  • emperor_bonileosca 9w

    It's not about you and to them it's not about them

    What ever you do, think about the grandchildren. Will they be able to appreciate what you doing now; and that's how to secure their future eternally.

  • emperor_bonileosca 9w

    Tell me

    Just like words spoken so this poem be
    Listen to the very sound of my syllables, the last sounds of my words listen to them intently.

    Just like a daughter swinging the doll left and right, now and then, again and again and again!

    Listen daughter of Heaven; in daylight you common - well that's what you think,
    In the darkness you sparkle - well that's what you don't see.

    Your mind has been held captive by the corrupt desires of your heart, they make you look weak but you strong.

    Lady, you know what am talking about, ruler of coming days you know what am talking about, leave all behind it profits nothing.

    Seek the presence of your King, for he feeds, fills and satisfy what you need. You don't have to look back and all around.

    But what about the men of this day, they prey to have what you hold dear, that which defines you, as a woman among other women. Let him starve, let him hang himself, let him want to please your King before he tries to please you!!

    Man are you clear minded?
    Are you not so corrupt by your thoughts?
    You want to kill for power, you want to kill for success and you want to kill your soul and you want to kill the daughters of your fathers for not giving you,willingly, what you want?

    You say in the streets, "Oh I shall slay my being how can I satisfy its longings, how shall I live to be human - some say come this religion is right for you and some say who is God?
    -Shall I live to please a God?"

    Ohh man search your soul and see if you won't find it restless, it bears the scars of days.
    Don't hurt yourself any longer
    You have A King on His way, just please him by living godly and all your longings shall be satisfied.

    Man, I am talking to you,
    Woman, I am talking to you;
    Forsake all because it is worthless for the quest of what will give you eternal life.

    Church bells ring, bells ring, ring, ring, and ring!

  • emperor_bonileosca 9w


    Tomorrow is the next hour and how your today (current hour) is determines your next hour.

    Live diligently
    (thought 》purpose 》action 》habit 》character》destiny)

    You know your dream tomorrow and your success is determined by your character

  • emperor_bonileosca 10w

    By unknown writer

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    One by one

    One by one
    I scratch the shoulders of my fellow neighbours
    Not to scare them away but to let them face the reality of inhumanity.

    If we smile and say our hellos, touch the floor up the wall to check the sky of our minds by our eyes won't help.

    One by one
    I scratch the shoulders of my friends
    Not to scare them away but to let them face the reality of inhumanity, we have to talk, we need to talk and we should have such conversations.

    One by one
    I scratch the shoulders of my family
    Not to scare them away but to let them face the reality of inhumanity.

    How can we continue to talk about justice where we who want justice do injustice to the hearts of our babies, tell them not to have courage to face the reality of our inhumane relationship with our fellow races.

    One by one
    I scratch the shoulders of the teachers we entrusted with our children. Should they divide the class rooms according to race? Should they divide the class rooms according to their feelings? Or do we pay them to stick with us in the past?

    One by one
    I scratch the shoulders of my fellow people
    Not to scare them away but to talk about our issues.

    "What was destroyed by words can be mended by words"

    Let's scratch together with love and dignity.
    Don't let me scratch one by one alone, this job will never be finished.

  • emperor_bonileosca 10w


    Try to make the fool wise, only to shame yourself.
    Try to make the wise a fool, only to be stunned by your foolishness.

    It only takes good sense, understanding, and knowing what God wants to be wise.

    connect: Ps. 92:5-6 and Ps. 95:9-11 then go back to Prov. 1

  • emperor_bonileosca 10w

    I am

    To your sight I am a bull but to His sight I am a sheep. To your sight I am a beast, to His sight I am a sheep. To your sight I am a rose, to His sight I am a sheep.

    To your heart I am nothing, to his heart I am a carrier of His love.

    To your mind I am unimportant, to His mind He sees victory with me.

    You use your index finger to belittle me (waving at me) but he uses His finger to strengthen me.

    You think highly of yourself. I think highly of Him. I know sorrow, shame, envyness is what you carry but God may continue to bless you; I pray He opens your sight so don't be blinded by your master for he let's you hate, let my master give you sight to love.

    He leads, provide and protect me but yours mislead you, sends you fires and storms you can't bear, spit you off like a gum chewed by a gangster. He makes you think you lonely, hated, painted by pain and gives you pleasure that last to torment you.

    Ask me again about my master that is my friend, ohhh please! Ask me I will tell you more.

  • emperor_bonileosca 10w


    What you a victim of determines your success.
    E.g. let's say you a victim of pain, that pain will hinder you from being successful because it will limit your actions because of what caused the pain.

    This statement consists of 4 positives.
    1. Letting go of what is holding you might help your spiritual health.
    2. Letting go of what is holding you might help your financial health.


    3. Physical health
    4. Mental health

  • emperor_bonileosca 11w

    South Africa

    One thing that unite us, South Africans, is calling South Africa home. For real South Africa is a home that we know and understand. Home that belongs to Black, Yellow, Green, White, Red, and Blue people; it is home to all of us but can a home be warm without unity?
    Can a home be June-July without a good economy?
    Then let's focus on what unites us and build our economy together. Imagine different minds and different intelligence working together, lets reconcile. Parents teach love. South Africa has great potential and let's give it hope by growing to love.

    (I know you won't mind my words now but sooner or later you will come back to them or your child will do it for you)

  • emperor_bonileosca 12w

    You are doomed

    I believe we all have that longing (strong desire) inside us that we try to satisfy but never gets satisfied, all it does is to echo louder as you try to satisfy it with certain things.

    It's hard to believe but you can try it out.
    It is satisfied with knowledge.
    If you get to know; your origin, your meaning of life, purpose and reason, where you belong and the needs of your spirit.

    It's called the Quest Of Life.
    Apparently it's a lifelong journey.

    [Your choices and actions are an experiment, so don't be afraid of mistakes but learn from them]

    Advice: let love rule your choices and actions