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  • emptymandol 5h

    Music & friends are same.
    Both are rocking & everlasting

  • emptymandol 1d

    Where there is no way????
    There is a way.....

  • emptymandol 3d

    Don't stop
    Until you success...

  • emptymandol 4d


    Music & friends are same.
    Both are rocking & everlasting..

  • emptymandol 5d

    I wish life
    was like music....

  • emptymandol 2w


    We fight, we cry, we smile, we angry,
    We laugh, we hurts, we thinks,we breakup.
    Some time, we don't trust each other but
    Still we are friends...

  • emptymandol 2w

    Time is nothing but
    just a game. In this game
    who play best, wins that name....

  • emptymandol 2w

    If love happen then it happens
    once or twice. How strange is
    love? When it breaks,it join
    also. But when it break the
    sounds is not even heard...

  • emptymandol 2w

    Look so high.
    Sky is cry.
    You should always keep try.
    No matter, what you will get.
    Walk ahead try & try...

  • emptymandol 2w

    When someone say you that
    when I need you that time you
    are not with me. It's just like
    someone giving you slap
    with out any mistakes.