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  • enchantress_1984 5d

    I wear betrayal not on my skin, but as a part of my clothing on a daily basis. I still choose to smile, talk and laugh with them even though everything comes back and rests in the palm of my hands. It's up to me to let things or people affect how they effect me. Live and let live...

  • enchantress_1984 3w

    Egyptian Tomb inscription from 1400 BCE;

    "May I walk every day unceasing on the banks of my water, may my soul rest on the branches of the trees which I have planted, may I refresh myself in the shadow of my sycamore (Nardo, 10)."

    By Joshua J. Mark

  • enchantress_1984 6w

    Ferris wheels are interesting.
    It's just as life.
    We were dead.
    We were birthed.
    Now we never die.
    Repeating history, in different lives.
    Through how many other eyes have you seen?

  • enchantress_1984 10w


    Look up the definition...
    People try to fool you,
    Not knowing they are only fooling themselves...

  • enchantress_1984 10w

    All of us has been scarred by the beast...
    The beast is our minds...

  • enchantress_1984 10w

    Love is not meant to hurt. Broken hearts are experienced through self affliction, due to created emotional trauma thought up within the mind where the ego has a field day diving into crashing waves of past instances, and cling to them like barnacles on a boat. Truly love yourself and allow the rest to flow in place...

  • enchantress_1984 11w

    You do not have the vision to see change because it is tainted within the past, blinding you to the 'gifted' moment.

  • enchantress_1984 11w

    Don't try to win them physically,
    Get to know them soulfully.
    But first love 'yourself' wholly,
    Where all comes together peacefully.

  • enchantress_1984 14w

    At world's end,
    I stand indecisive...
    My jump is not now
    But I'd adhere to the Creator's decision...

  • enchantress_1984 14w

    I just want you back home Grandma...

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    Home doesn't feel like home without you here...