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  • epiphanywrites 11w

    Even your words are warmest hugs..

  • epiphanywrites 11w

    People say, " I know how you feel !!"
    Don't say that.
    Just make them feel that no matter what they feel, you will never leave...

  • epiphanywrites 12w

    Even if you live the life people want you to live, they will still have a word to say about you.
    So, do what your heart says.
    Work hard for it and when you get there, you will know that it was you and your loved ones who made you what you are.

  • epiphanywrites 13w

    Sometimes you get hurt.
    Like your mind knows you’re in pain.
    But your brain says no, there’s no injury nothing at all.
    Then mind starts playing dirty games.
    It tells you are in pain; the pain you can’t survive.
    Then there’s a constant war between your mind and brain and after a longgg fight the mind wins.
    And then mind has to convince the brain about that pain and suffering and brain wants an injury to have that pain so you have cuts and that’s the journey of self-harm. Right there...
    Yes, people like you and you know they care but sometimes they don’t care enough.
    And most of the times you don’t care enough...

  • epiphanywrites 14w


    It begins and ends there.
    It depends on you... If you give the power or it has power over you..
    And then people tell you they are just the thoughts of your mind. Be busy, let them go..
    I wish it was easier said to be done. I wish it was even easy to say that.
    So then what to do??
    May be let mind think and process it. Let it get lost into it's own world and then find it's way back again... May be..

  • epiphanywrites 14w


    When you realise it you are even ready to give up everything you have for that single thing.
    It captivates you, inspires you and you don't work hard for it cause you enjoy that process .
    It's the sole reason why you exist the way you do.
    And then you don't expect to achieve things cause you get them anyways.
    When you struggle and feel like a failure think about that purpose. That you are getting there someday.

  • epiphanywrites 14w


    The exact word for this pandemic..
    When you can't have plans for future and have no hopes towards it.
    It's like you have to sit every single day in this uncertainty. And that hurts. You have just a memory of what the actual life was.
    But, what I have realised is, that's life. You can't do anything. And I refuse to waste this day and not be grateful for it.
    So, say this...
    " I don't know what's the next six months going to be like. I don't know when I get to go to college and work like before. But today is a gift ... "
    Let uncertainty be experience for growth and not for the pain.

  • epiphanywrites 15w

    "It's under-rated"

    Loneliness is that incomplete bridge of a song and the story that has no ending.
    It's not when you have no one to talk to; it's when you don't want to talk to people around you.
    And when you are lying on bed in night you wish to be with them.
    Loneliness is realising you don't have answers for the things you feel. It's like you left something behind in the hopes of changing it and still find it pristine.

  • epiphanywrites 17w

    Sometimes you need validations from other people that you are worth it and you are loved.
    Because you just hate the person you really are.
    And it’s a blessing when you get it every single day from your people in little things.
    But deep inside you know that it’s you who really defines who you are and not the people and those validations.

  • epiphanywrites 18w

    Some nights..
    When you just turn left to right on your bed not able to sleep.
    May be good memories or bad ones, heartbreaks or expectations keep your eyes widely open in the dark.
    When you look at ceiling thinking what went wrong or just remembering those good days and realising what is now going on.
    Those some nights gives you pain, regret for the worst things and sometimes happiness for the lucky ones.
    And some nights gives you dreams which you see keeping your eyes widely open.
    That may be everything will go right.
    At some nights you just cry your heart out knowing no one is gonna listen you.
    May be those haunting or sweet nights teaches you what is life...